Villagers & HeroesStarfall expansion is said by the developers to be the game’s most ambitious expansion to date, adding a slew of new content and revamping existing features. Featured in the new content is a selection of new zones. Starfall will add seven new zones in all, including The Rye, Pools of Andorra, Glendergan, Dartrey Woods, Turnapin Peak, Gortrin Passage, and Zorian Marshlands. However, only four of these will launch the day the expansion releases. The rest will come out later.

In addition to the new zones, the expansion will raise the level cap to 90 and offer a new 5th rebirth for high level players. Starfall will be a free update available for both PC and Android devices.

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  1. I quite liked V&H. It’s very quaint and enjoyable, almost reminiscent of Fable (and other games of that nature). A fairly competent adventure MMORPG, from what I’ve seen in my random play times. The biggest issue for me, is the input lag for actions. It can get quite bad at times, often causing death when fighting.
    Respawn of enemies is a little fast too, especially at early levels. That combined with the lag, has killed me a few times.
    But overall, it is fun. I can say that. Haven’t gotten into crafting yet but that appears to be fairly extensive. Also, the Village system looks to be interesting too. Need to put some more time into this, I think.


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