Vindictus Europe: Teaser Website Unveiled!

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Nexon Europe launches a brand new teaser website for the much anticipated free-to-play Action MMORPG Vindictus Europe, which will be released in Europe this autumn. Besides letting you in on the game’s dark and haunting story and the varied set of heroes, the website introduces a gameplay trailer that gives you a deeper insight on the upcoming online sensation.

Vindictus Europe is a physics-based action online role-playing game that combines stunning visuals with high-speed combat, bringing a brutal elegance to the PC gaming space. Using a modified Source Engine to enable interaction with the environment, players will be able to throw and shatter objects, hurl debris, bind enemies with chains, and pierce defenses with spears.

Check out the new teaser website and trailer here:

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arnaud 12 years ago
anyone knows when the acctualy release will be ? :D

nikos26 12 years ago
i need help i cant download vindictuseu i cant find it please help me

Moustachio 12 years ago
well, when is dragon nest coming to eu? NEVER!

but go to or something liek that, they suppose to have dragon nest worldwide.


sector 12 years ago
OMG first time Neoxn eu haven lied to us and they promised to lunch this teaser before the end of July

sibc3s88 12 years ago

nohart 12 years ago
@hope we will have all the updates from the beggining lol

nohart 12 years ago
about time bitches

i4xlopcrki 12 years ago

Having said that, I'm predicting this will be exactly like EU Mabinogi, as in lagging behind the US version in updates badly. So unless we get the exact same version as the US, I'm still using the AOL method to play the better game.

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vortus429 12 years ago
It's almost been a year now

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