WAKFU, the free to play, tactical MMORPG from Ankama, is changing things up on players this week by revamping the island of Kelba. The famous island’s facelift not only adds a new visual appeal for players, but also opens up a deluge of content for players level 65 and higher. This redesign also brings the island more in line with how it is represented in the anime version of the game’s world shown currently on Netflix.

On Senior Jenry Hones’s advice, adventurers are invited to look for a magic map, in order to locate new magic artifacts. In the course of an adventure full of new developments, players of level 65 (or more) will meet Miranda and Kabrok, the famous and well-liked couple of the WAKFU TV series. Players’ wanderings will also lead them to cross the path of Kelba’s merchant Hadibal Toot (seen in episode 3 of the first season of the series).

The new adventure starts with part one which became available today and part 2 will launch on April 2nd.

I have kind of a love/hate thing going on with WAKFU. I love the game and technically it is free to play, but there are clear benefits to paying the subscription fee and that makes the free to play aspect feel almost more like a trial for me in many ways. What about you?

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  1. Wakfu is a great game with great flaws.


    -MMO with tactical RPG gameplay.
    -Lots of classes to chose from, also not gender locked.
    -Player based economy completely, 0 NPC shops. Influenced by a great variety of professions.
    -Nice art-style and soundtrack.
    -The only MMO I’ve played that has an storyline.


    -Excessively grindy.
    -Easy to fuck up your character if you are new.
    -No real community, you are on your own out there. (very hard to find people to play with)
    -At certain point early on you run out of story quest for a while until you gain more levels.
    -No variety of NPC partners (allies), you have to buy them on the item mall mostly.
    -You need consumable keys for every fucking dungeon : /

    In conclusion Wakfu is a great game with lots of potential but they need to fix how game progression works and how the community has to interact between themselves. Also the game can get annoyingly grindy, not rewarding enough at many times. It is a good game but not worth spending time on unless you are playing with friends. Kinda of a pity its like this since there aren’t really any MMOs out there with this kinda of gameplay. You are better off playing any console tactical RPG instead of Wakfu.

  2. The amount of trolls here. I guess they were breast fed until 8 years old. Surprising hill billies are can even use computers.

    Anyways, it’s good to see wakfu active.

  3. The game is very well made , true there is a few downsides that comes with a small development team but it’s nothing game breaking. All the nonsensical things the raging guy said is completely blown out of proportion.
    Game has a tactical style gameplay one thing to compare it to would be FFA Tactics. The art style is amazing. Population was quite low before , but now since the game went to steam it’s pretty healthy.
    If you like something different from asian style mmo’s that we have too many of give this a go. Community is very friendly and I’m sure you will enjoy your time in the game.

  4. i really got into this game lol….
    yea it is very very grindy but world and monser design is amazing i just want to see more
    there is alot of classes my fav. is summoner.. they got active gms and dev team witch is nice….
    there is eco system where you need to ‘plant monsters’ so you can kill some if there is no monsters in that area…. there is politics etc… game have soo much to offer… population is fine there is people everywhere , it is not p2w game unless you cound exp boost items like p2w…for me it is not …very good game!

    • Dont listen to dumb kid, I used to be a beta player, this game is trash, here is why:

      +population is very low
      +every god tier players run 6 accs
      +U cant do shet with any1 ‘cuz they wont party u ‘cuz they have 6 accs
      +U cant do shet unless u make 6 accs just like every1 else and HAVE EVERY CLASS like literally very important
      +U will have to max literally every professions by urself, very important.

      U cant get godly items unless u r geared, to farm gear, u must be really geared , u see the irony ? :] lvl doesnt do shet

      • if your opinion is based only on your beta experience, I think we shouldn’t listen to you, the game change a lot since beta

        yeah, the game still has a low population (not nearly as low as the beta), there are people with more than one account, but it is enjoyable and a bit easier to solo players

        • Yes ‘cuz beta players who didnt progress to end game would know this

          I got to end game okay buddy ? to the points where big boys dun take 1h+ , and some dun require every1 to have relic equipped otherwise u r too weak

          And hey if u enjoy playing by urself with 6 accs in a MMO game, by all mean, play this shet lmao, U guys get it ? playing by urself in an MMO, lmao :], interaction with other ppl are not required in this game as long as u run 6 accs,

          Dont even try to gear Sidekicks, normal char is stronger than Sidekicks by probably 30%, just make 6 accs, dont dump money in Sidekicks, especially if u r new player and does not know mechanic of the game, oh yeh this game takes skills, not ur average turned base bs game,

          That s why big boys dun take 1h+ to finish, very fking long :]

          Some dun and world bosses need a very specific class to finish, if u dont have those classes, u cant do it lmao :], so 6 accs and every class , have fun gearing , farming , grinding :]

          • learn english “big boy”

            I also played cbt and I can say you are a sad creature if you played this game alone with 6 accounts

          • i find it funny he thinks the game is dead.

            there are people that have multiple accounts yes but that happens in every mmo game out there plus they have little effect on you as they play with themselves

            the game actually has more people then the past 2-3 years because of being added on steam and is no longer as empty and i guess he never played since as he shows he has no experience since he thinks sadia are good classes lol

        • Oh and I forgot, u cant build your chars the way u want, especially support and tank chars, u have to build ur chars the way the dungeons and world bosses want you to,

          And If among ur 1st 6 chars does not have a enutrof AND an eni AND a panda AND a locker/tank , u will feel miserable very quickly lmao :], some dun require 2 fking healers :]


          SO have fun making these chars :]

          The most turn off thing about Wakfu :]

          • i can only assume you are joking about needing a sadia as they are the weakest class right now and their pets suck thus why there is very few of them out now

            i am guessing you have no experience with endgame as this class is not used for it right now

          • actually, he is right, sadida is really UP nowadays… this shows how little you know about the game

            most people nowadays use 1 to 3 chars and you can get help for most content fairly easily…. this is not the CBT, you are 2 years late

          • i am guessing you are the same people as sadia are crap right now and if you think 130 is end game then you are not there right now not to mention they make dungeons take twice as long with slow buggy pets and los issues

            the only decent main pet class is osa and really only if they control them or use the bunnys for healing or xelor present mobs for locking

            if you believe sadia are end game then you have clearly not played the game past mid level

          • When did i say 130 is end game ? Pls quote kid , learn to read, I said “by lvl 130+ if u dont. …… ”

            And yes i did quit this shetty game, just Hyperion did, no1 gives a shet about this game, and I guessed they nerfed sadia dolls, ‘cuz that blocking dolls shet is so stupid in PvP and so op in dun in the old blocking mechanic

            But hey pls continue to play this game, a game no1 plays or know about

      • I would have agreed with you of you hadn’t insulted him for no reason. He’s jus excited about the game, why do you need to blow his buzz and discredit him?

      • honestly this is the case for many of the mmorpgs, you need multiple accounts and I feel that it’s natural, besides sometimes it can be boring playing only one class


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