When games get revamped it usually means one of two things; either the game turns into something horrible (some cases even more horrible then before) or it breathes new life into the game. It may be too early to tell in regards to the recent War of Angels revamp, but all signs point to the latter.

Neowiz Games announced that starting today, players will experience the game’s massive rebirth and step into a completely new game featuring overhauled graphics, optimized quest lines, hundreds of powerful weapons and items and a massive PvP game mode that pits entire realms against each other. Nothing wrong with any of that in my book.The update also adds a new end game dungeon called the Bog Temple which by my highly educated guesstimate takes place in a temple somewhere in a bog.

John Nam, COO at Neowiz Games North America had this to say regarding the updates, “All of these changes and improvements to War of Angels were inspired by player feedback we’ve received since launch…With the improved graphics, new items and end-game content, War of Angels is a brand new game and an experience that fans of fantasy MMORPGs will love to explore.”

Its nice to see another developer revisit content and add substance that isn’t just for those already at the end game. You can check out all the changes as well as try the game yourself by visiting the official website.

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. I played the old version , now playing the new . Don’t know what Inflictious is talking about , the game is far from dead . Always plenty of people around when I play ! The game community is very helpful too . Peace

    • Well, when i logged on and ran down to see if combat was even updated, there was no one in the town at all, And 2 players at the first quest giver in the field,
      As soon as i tried combat and it was exactly the same , stand in 1 spot hit 1,2,1,2… Come on to wipe my char and give me combat of a game made 3 years ago and older.
      And the character creation was exactly the same, No diffrence in quality.
      Guess after game’s like Vindictus, C9, FireFall..and alot of AAA free to play game’s i thought they would have tried just a little harder, But for me…Been there done that, want a little more action in my mmorpg’s now a days.

      Glad you enjoy it !

      My pc just yawn’s at this failed atempt in pushing it’s limit’s !


      • C9 was a horrible game really didn’t like it. I can’t get Vindictus to run on any PC in my house & they are nothing to sneeze at. As for fire fall looks awesome but no beta key for me I gotta a wait till open beta or full release.

  2. I agree with Inflictious that they wiped all toons ,(big lost) for older toons players ,they have to start over again, its a thing now every1 has to have (new and latest thing) (gw2) just like alot of companys are doing ,. nothing really new ,this isnt a new thing for them (takeing,stealing thunder) from a big IP.just a sorry markeying scam to get more $.

  3. I was a big fan of this until they wiped my char that i had been building over the past year.
    Reinstalled last night to see what changes had been made.

    My conclusion after 15 minute’s ” Nothing ”

    Just like the past year log in and it’s DEAD !

    Sorry i seen 2 other player’s. What a joke of a wipe!
    I Truely feel they did this just to get players to come and play it and spend money in the low lvl cash shop again!


  4. I officially can’t go back to that style of combat. Combat is about 80% of your game time inside of an MMO. If 80% of a game isn’t fun, then i’d rather play pocket pool.



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