When a game is in open beta for four years, we make jokes about how it’s actually “launched.” Yesterday, Gaijin Entertainment removed a little bit of ambiguity on that front. In addition to releasing the 1.65 Update “Way of the Samurai” that brought Japanese tanks to the game, the company officially declared War Thunder out of beta and launched.

In addition to the new Japanese vehicles, Update 1.65 adds also cockpits for all aircraft, letting pilots get even more immersed in the game. A pair of new maps, “Abandoned Factory” and “38th Parallel,” also make their debut, the latter being the first set in a post-WW2 timeframe.

So “launch” means everything’s finished, right? Not quite. Gaijin still has big plans for 2017, including World War mode and the addition of naval vehicles. You can read all about the Way of the Samurai release on the War Thunder site.

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    • No and is actually fun with friends ,but still lacks basic gameplay features, lacks game modes and is not fun in late mid and high tier due to poor balance and horribly scaled up upkeep and events are ruined due to devs idiocies like putting a 100 kill TDM with unlimited respawns event but making it so players earn less money earn no “exp” but still have to pay full upkeep cost every time they put in a vehicle and then omitting that fact to the players that along with scummy business practices like other similar games like heroes and generals and world of tanks uses like overpriced “premium vehicles” many of which are insanely unbalanced just bring the game down.


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