If you want some story to go with your rampant tank destruction, Gaijin Entertainment has you covered. The War Thunder developer is currently working on a new story-driven PvE mode for ground vehicles, and it wants players to try it out for themselves over the next few days.

From now until 13:00 GMT (6:00 a.m. PDT) March 24, you can go to the Events and Tournaments tab to try the first three missions of a new game mode. The first two take place on the Eastern Front of WW2 in 1941 and 1943, while the third is set in the Middle East in 1973. The vehicles you’ll command in each mission are the German Pz. III F, Soviet Т-34-57, and American M48A1, and you’ll need to own at least one vehicle of rank II, IV, and V to participate, respectively.

Each mission consists of three stages: offensive, clearance, and defense. You’ll first need to break through enemy lines, after which you’ll clear the city streets of all resistance. In the final stage, you’ll have to stand up to a fierce assault and prevent your enemy from re-taking the city.

Learn more about the PvE ground vehicle test on the War Thunder website.

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