War Thunder’s Update 1.59 is now live, and it’s a big one. Codenamed “Flaming Arrows,” the update comes with two new maps, new hangars to browse through your steel monstrosities, and 25 new vehicles, including a guided-missile tank we got a glimpse of last month.

The new ground and air vehicles represent all five nations in the game, and there’s even a plane designed by a War Thunder player, who receives a portion of the sales of the plane.

Meanwhile, the Port Novorossiysk combined-arms map was created with the help of archive data, photographs, historic air recon intelligence photos, and newsreel footage, and the Battle of Britain map has been expanded fourfold to an impressive 128×128 km.

As usual, there’s a big list of changes and tweaks to a number of War Thunder’s existing vehicles and weaponry, which you can scroll through here, or you can just look over the update’s broader points here.

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