Last month, we got some insight into how Gaijin Entertainment was planning to pretty up War Thunder in its next update. Now, that update — 1.77, or Advancing Storm — is live, bringing with it a host of graphical and audio improvements.

Weather effects, lighting, anti-aliasing, and shadows all get the deluxe treatment in War Thunder’s Dagor Engine, even to the point of leaving puddles after a rainstorm. Taking advantage of those new graphical improvements are a few new vehicles: five tanks from the ’70s and ’80s and three planes, including one created by a player via War Thunder’s Revenue Share program.

For more details on War Thunder’s Advancing Storm update, check out the summary or the full list of changes on the website.

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  1. There is a lot of old games that are still kicking about that really do need to up there graphics engine & visuals to keep up with the modern paths & expectations.
    That old attitude of its still working & people are still playing, isn’t really a good enough excuse to let it go on & on. I’m not talking about advanced graphics, just a modern day quality dress up.
    I’m glad this game dev see’s that this need, it a must do.


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