Gaijin Entertainment have begun the arduous task of adding new tanks to the War Thunder Ground Forces closed beta. Initially, the beta only housed a single handful of tanks from the expansion’s early Russian and German tiers. With the new update, USSR and Germany are still the only two factions currently available, but they have had their tank trees bolstered by an additional 9 tanks altogether.

The Soviets gained access to five new tanks while the Germans received four. Both factions introduced their first heavy tanks, with the Soviet receiving the IS-1 and KV-2 1939, while the Germans were given the PzKpfw VI Ausf.H1 “Tiger” tank. Players lucky enough to be in the closed beta for Ground Forces can try out the new tanks on the brand new map Kuban.

For the rest, Gaijin has released an updated FAQ which details some of the stuff you will and won’t see in the final release of Ground Forces.

Be sure to check out the preview below if you are curious to know what are some of our current thoughts on the Ground Forces closed beta.



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