Trion Worlds have released a new trailer for Warface. The impressive new trailer showcases the graphics and fast-paced action made possible by the powerful CryEngine 3. Check the trailer above and feast your eyes. Warface is now in Closed Beta testing.


  1. If someone has got a remaining key for the beta of Warface… i’ll LOVE to have one… can trade some Steam beta keys like HoN, DOTA2…etc ! (also some FireFall key i’ve got to trade)

    try to contact me on steam : “jopezzz” or on email “” thanks !

  2. Do you guys not read? There is no beta key for this game. You can only get invited by GFACE, the producers. They don’t give out keys, only invites.

  3. man i hope i was in the beta really wanna try this but oh well i will just wait for OB or something nice trailer hopefully i will get my hands to try this out soon

  4. played the Russian and am in the test atm. while i cannot talk about the CB i can talk about my experience in the Russian version. i enjoy the game but wish for some larger maps especially when there are 32 players in a match. the maps are CQ with a bit of range at times. the Co-Op is fun although there are some wtf moments with the AI.

    all in all it is good free to play game and if you do get in to the CB at least try it out.

  5. Please refrain from talking about the beta. Plus, there is no keys in Warface, you can only get invited by GFACE, so people who says that they have keys are lying.

  6. Iam in the beta right now.Just one question:
    When i click to play on GFACE, it starts downloading a plugin and then loads the game, INSIDE MY FREAKING BROWSER! DA FAK IS DIZ SHT?
    There is any client i can download?

    • Your brain is broken. Cant wait until you play and then punch your own face for being a stupid brainless consumer of everything that is flashy. This game at its core is garbage. I can SAVE YOU, and tell you, although it is old, AVA is better! I can tell you Black light is better. I can even stoop so low to tell you WOLF TEAM is better. But no…the study of psychology will tell you the irrational can not be rationalized with. You MUST FAIL. CONTINUE YOUNG NOOB! ONTO THE FAIL

      • You really spend a lot of time coming here and spitting on Warface each time when there is news about it. Get a life and concentrate your energy on positive things and things you like, not things you hate, you’ll feel better and probably realize that you are just wasting your time. People will play it with or without your hate comments, some will like it, some won’t, that’s how life goes, get over it.

      • You really have a big mouth. If they think it looks awesome, let them think that. Who are you to say they won’t like it. You post everywhere and you bully pretty much everyone who has a different view. Please get a life before I scream.

  7. Game is to slow…. playing it in russia and ist not that good at all. The only good part of the game are the graphics nothing else …. for me, i see no succes on the NA/EU market for it.

    If u want to Play it on russian Servers just Google for it. intwerbs will help u ….

    • The game I found to fast for what the slow class was designed for. It is designed for slow strategic combat per class, but stuffed in zergy gangky maps. Spawn, slide or nade, respwan. No one has time for defibulator or body armor. And snipers are useless.

  8. I’m still waiting for bigger pvp maps (something like bf3). The game is sweet (played Russian version) but the maps are too much focused on close-quarter combat imo.

    • ECXACTLY, every aspect is close zerg pew pew. This renders EVERY skill of every class useless (except exploitable trip mines of engineer). It feels like they had a large single player title go FLOP And so they crammed half ass ideas into a f2P shooter. OMG, even the 2 man hoisting is stupid. It just replaced basic ladders to NON STRATEGIC places on the map. It feels so broke…and RU is proof nothing will change in the future. ALSO, there is no difference between RU and US except a language pack. So don’t put blind faith in “oh we will fix it”…no you wont.

      • They could always add larger maps. I’ve seen many FPS’s that’s not free to play do this. If its successful and players demand it, they will make it.

    • Looks can be deceiving. CB Russian veteran of this game here…Oh dont listen, just log in and feel the fail burn your brain.


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