The Swarm Season has arrived in Warface on consoles. Well… PlayStation 4 and Xbox, at least. Nintendo Switch players still have a bit of a wait. The new season is built around a special operation, appropriately named Swarm. People have been disappearing from a town on the border of the Mojave Desert, and it seems that it may involve arachnid-like Martians being held in a nearby lab. Because humans are generally terrible at keeping things like this contained, the aliens have broken out, are considered a danger to the populace, and must now be eliminated.

Guess whose job that is.

In this mission, the Squad will be tasked with escorting cargo through enemy territory and taking down the hive queen to stop the swarm. It won’t be easy to get to her though. She’s somewhere in an underground complex and can only be taken down with strong firepower. The good news is that a new flamethrower with unlimited ammo is now available as part of the update. The update also includes three new PvP maps: “Yard 2.0” and “District 2.0” for the Free for All PvP mode, and the new Deathmatch mode map, “Tunnel”. It also updates the reward system with new seasonal rewards, including 4 swarm themed weapon skins.

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