The potential move that has had the Warframe forums ablaze for a while has finally happened, but it appears that more than one player was involved in the acquisition.

There’s a lot of “parent company” jargon in the acquisition announcement but in the end it boils down to Multi-Dynamic Games Group Inc. and Perfect Online Holding Limited jointly acquiring 61% of the entire issued share capital of Digital Extremes Ltd.

Individually, Multi-Dynamic Games Group Inc. will hold 58% of the purchase and Perfect Online Holding Limited will hold the remaining 3%

For gamers that feared a PWI takeover of Warframe, this probably comes as “better than it could have been” news seeing as Perfect World holds a stake in the long term success of the space ninja title but doesn’t hold the tremendous sway some players feared would come with the acquisition. What may come as a bit of a surprise though is the other 58% ownership now resting with a company that is parented by a food company (Sumpo Food Holdings Limited.)

We’ll have to keep our eyes out for how/if this acquisition impacts both Warframe and the many other Digital Extreme products.

The full acquisition details can be found here.

(Special thanks to Dicecoldfire for the heads up!)


  1. Perfectworld ruine Star Trek online too with that level cap increase, forcing people to join fleets drama to upgrade but also charging more money to upgrade ships we bought years ago has cause a near 600 members of a fleet to quit and set up an emulator. Sucks perfectworld ruins all its games and doesn’t learn what they did to ruin them. Oh well I sold my warframe account for a lot. I’m gone

  2. PWI takes the reigns and you get minimum updates with a total pay to win conversion. This is why I don’t like major companies being able to monopolize in the gaming industry.

  3. They needed a Chinese company to get it into China as the government restrictions on their citizens data is protected by a law in that the server with all the players details must be in China. If anything DE will just make more money, PWE has no creative control over the game whatsoever.

  4. i dont know why all the complaints about lockboxes they dont FORCE you to buy them they’re completly optional and you dont need it to progress the game

    • PWE is known for messing up things. No updates for years and maintenance for months ask the Blacklight Retribution community ( almost everyone left even ZeroArmada ). Blacklight retribution was supposed to be a competition game like cs go but they messed up the whole thing. They probably going to change the whole way how people use to acquire gears and etc to make the game a p2w.

  5. The publisher ruined Champions Online adding lucky boxes to , and made it had no expansion or improvement.
    This game will become more popular ($), or will die.

    • This much is true. I had played for a good year when Cryptic was just Cryptic. I have also since played for a couple months, stopping in early september. The game not only ran better back when PWE had nothing to do with it, but it also regularily got new content, updates, revamps and additions to the store that were not lockbox-centric. Cryptic cared.

      Unfortunately they got acquired by PWE. Ever since then the additions have been all based around lockboxes and gambles–no effort has been made to do any kind of content expansion beyond a couple of lazily made missions and a very poorly constructed “automaton” archetype given to max level characters in an effort to appease the masses. PWE has most certainly ruined Champions’ chances of expanding or recapturing any sort of audience. Instead PWE would prefer to milk it till it bleeds dry and then ditch the empty husk.

      Warframe being acquired by those very same people (PWE) is not something to be thrilled about.

  6. Something interesting to note here is that you can see DE’s revenues and profits on the acquisition documents. A bit of insight into how profitable free 2 play actually is.


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