Warframe is joining the lineup of games on the Discord Store and an exclusive pack is being made available to those who elect to download the game from the store.

The Reverence Pack includes three skins for each of the starter Warframes, 440 Platinum, and boosters. The entire lineup is as follows:

  • 440 Platinum
  • Exclusive Excalibur Amethyst Skin
  • Exclusive Mag Amethyst Skin
  • Exclusive Volt Amethyst Skin
  • 7-day Resource Booster
  • 7-day Affinity Booster
  • 7-day Credit Booster

Note that regular Discord users will need to pay for the pack while Nitro users will get it for free.

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    • Why would normal users not have to pay? Are you dumb? That’s 3 one week boosters, three skins, and 440 plat. Nitro users already pay a monthly sub so they get it as a bonus, why would you get it for free? Go ask Digital Extreme for it for free or Steam and see how that goes.

      • I mean, if they want to advertise the fact that it’s a promotional exclusive for Discord that’s a free service (obv. with optional premium) and try to make itself a store to buy games at, why WOULDN’T they give this borderline useless pack away? Making you pay cash for something where if you felt like throwing money at the game, you’d do it in the cash shop. They’re not giving any new customers a reason to spend a penny on it just because it’s through discord. You give some, you get some.


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