You know what Warframe has been missing? A suit of armor with abilities and weapons that you can jump into and wreak havoc…ok wait, maybe that is MOST of Warframe already, but with today’s Deimos: Arcana update, console players can get in on the action inside a Bonewidow mech to destroy even more baddies around the galaxy. Today marks the release of the update on the PS5 (and XBox Series X/S after a slight delay in “cert”) and last gen consoles even get in on the fun too as the update rolls out on PS4, XBox One, and the Nintendo Switch, all available today.

Deimos: Arcana expands the previously launched open world content in the Heart of Deimos expansion and brings the ability for players to jump into Bonewidow mechs, Thano-Tech that wields swords, rockets, and other weaponry in a highly shielded, mobile mech. Players can use this newfound tech to search out new depths of the open world, gather new weapons, augments, and nodes, and make their way to new Vault Bounties along the way.

It should be noted that the update can be a bit on the larger side, with the XBox update in particular coming in at over 13 GB of update since the patch includes the improved textures that were released on other platforms in the “Great Ensmallening” updates. You can stay up to date on the status of the XBox Series X/S release here.

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