Warframe Dev Stream Announces New Bug-Frame, "Star Days" Event, And Continues Prep For 10th Anniversary And Cross Save

Known as Citrine, the Bug-Frame will be the 52nd Warframe coming to all platforms soon.

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Digital Extremes had their first developer stream for Warframe in 2023 today, announcing a new Bug-Frame launching in February alongside the returning "Star Days" Valentine's Day event.

The upcoming update coined as "Citrine's Last Wish" comes sometime in February and brings the 52nd Warframe, Citrine the Bug-Frame, to players on all platforms. The Bug-Frame can be instantly unlocked or earned in-game through new content on Mars that will have players take on Mirror Defense Missions to gather Citrine's blueprints and components.

Citrine will have an assortment of signature weapons, accessories, and abilities when the Bug-Frame launches, including a new "Corufell" scythe to blast away enemies at range and a short-ranged "Steflos" primary weapon that becomes stronger with each enemy hit. The Bug-Frame debuts alongside a slew of cosmetics hitting the in-game Market, such as the first-ever Facial Visage Ink tattoo for Drifter and a new Void Shell Skin for Ember.

Starting February 1st, the annual Star Days event begins in Fortuna at 11:00 a.m. Eastern Time and runs until February 15th. As usual, players can find Ticker's Affections in Fortuna with new but also returning rewards to earn, like the Left Hand and Right Hand of Eros emotes. Unique glyphs will also be available and added to the in-game Market as bundles.

Finally, Digital Extremes teased events coming for the game's 10th anniversary in March and their continued development on cross save, progression, and their Warframe mobile initiative, so expect to hear more on those fronts soon.

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shialagur 1 year ago
Actually, the new frame is the geode frame, not the bug frame. That one is just a premium skin for the old rhino warframe.


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