Warframe Devstream Shows Off Advancements In Fog Tech Coming In "Whispers In The Walls" Update (And Some Other Stuff!)

New fog, new soundtracks, and more.

Troy Blackburn
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Warframe Devstream #174

Warframe Devstream #174 took place today with members of the dev team talking about the shooter game and answering questions. Of course, the recent "Abyss of Dagath" update was on the agenda this week, but they also touched on the upcoming "Whispers In The Walls" update.

The team kicks off the stream by talking about the spooky music in the Halloween update and how it features woodwinds and a “horror machine” to get that horror vibe in Warframe.

Next, they show off the creation of the sound for Dagath’s fourth ability. Mixing different layers of audio with some effects, the sound of just one ability is very in-depth and nuanced.

Then they go into the quality of life changes in the Abyss of Dagath. Coordinating a squad on a mission level in Waframe and how they are dabbling in with the matchmaker again is discussed, as is how players approach premades.

The companion rework was a lot of work and consisted of lots of data collection. They had to make sure pet survivability mattered, but wouldn’t just instantly die in certain content. Some of the older companions proved to be tougher to rework, which meant some of them went into a “part 2” of the rework. They wanted major pets in Warframe to be more symbiotic and less about the companion just going out and doing its thing. The devs will continue collecting stats on companions going forward, and tweaks will be forthcoming.

"Whispers In The Walls" is the next update coming to Waframe. They talk about fog in the game and how they have had a new advancement in fog tech in Soulframe that they will be using in Warframe with the "Whispers In The Wall" update. They show off a video of the new fog, but also lets you listen to the audio soundtrack of the update. You can see the new fog and hear the soundtrack in the full Warframe devstream video below.

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