Warframe‘s next update, Plains of Eidolon, will give players their first ever opportunity to explore open landscapes as they would in a more RPG-style game. It adds a completely new and explorable zone filled with new creatures and enemies. The zone features a day/night cycle and offers players the chance to experience and all new story via the NPC characters that inhabit it.

In addition to the new PvE-centric content, players can also look forward to a new Warframe which is assembled via missions. In fact, the missions in this update give players the chance to not only discover new things but assemble weapons as well. And, for an added bonus, there will be a need to use an Archwing for air travel and battle.

In additional news, the developers held an AMA on Reddit earlier today. Not all the questions or answers are about the update itself, but there’s a good bit of information there to check out.

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  1. Please no more raids and archwings! Most boring part of the game wich i not play at all no matter what,i better quit then play it, i not enjoy it!

  2. I went & downloaded this game the other week & have been playing it, it does seem very repetitive, the cut scenes are poorly made with bad animations of flights inward. When I seem them I think of a silly mobile game, the idea of going somewhere all seems the same and the complex system of advancement is way too far fetched held in room with mad talking bot. which does have funny moments, I played a long while & am sort of still playing but are in this still pond. it has got far to same old same old. Maybe with this new update it may help & is the reason i’m here at it playing to see it, but with the first born ideas of the game i can not for love of me see why people have playing this, its mundane & boring to the point that could play with my eyes shut mashing buttons.
    I think with this new update they need smash the old out the window and make it all like the new update which would make it really a mmo/lone game get out there & experience a new world game and not just a chore as with the original which is a silly map bashing one with poor same, same, animated launch scenes added in.

    • Oh so you tried second dream? and war within nope cause u were writing a shitty comments with ur noobish experience here and all i wanted to say u need atleast 160 hours of gameplay in this game to do a review like this and by far it is the best F2P game i ever played. this is not like any other mmorpg u previous been into. one of 1000 people like you not going to hurt anything . and this game is steam’s one of 10 most played game right now.and it have lot more content you just have to look at your codex, just one week not going to do anything to you. Have you ever been into sorties or like nightmare mission alert? just go there and mash your buttons with closing your eyes.

      and english is not my primary language.

      • you sound like a fanboi that got their feelings hurt… 160 hours needed to make a review? bah! go take a hike! i wanted to play the yame for the stoey and nothing else but after playing it for 8 hours straight i had to remove the game. its very repetitive, boring and imo for someone to play it and enjoy it they must have very low standards and low iq as well if they dont get bored or dont feel stupid after playing it for a few hours

        this game needs open world and pvp, even open worldsl pvp and carebears that dont want to get their heads kicked in deep because they have been noobs their entire lives need to shut up and allow the game to evolvep

        • Warfram is by far the best F2P game and with great developers that improves game all time! to give great experince. and first 100hrs of the game ur character is out of memory more u play longer u get in to game more ur heros memorys gets unlockt and after rank 6 u can start with story quest where u will learn the backgrund of the story and mazing story arch! even get play as human! outside ur ninja. this game is amazing! every one got there opinions on game. i recoment it 10/10 for sure !

        • Right now i doubt on your standards about how you play games . You dont know how fun is to discovering new things again and again and using new warframe and new weapons it have tons of diffrent weapons you can enjoy and same goes for warframes. I dont know about you but i think you calling yourself high standard person by getting ripped off by some pay to win games, right?

        • Please don’t associate the entire warframe community with that one guy. If there is one great thing about the game it is the great community. Most people are very welcoming and fun to chat with. Just throwing this out there so ppl don’t get the wrong idea.

    • I have to agree, even though I love the game myself. (I personally have 800 hours on the game.)

      What makes Warfram fun is the fact that it’s a PvE shooter. I hate PvP, and many FPS/3PS games are either purely PvP (CS:GO, PUBG, Overwatch, etc), or have really short campaigns (Mass Effect, Halo franchise, etc). The closest shooter-style actual RPG that’s decently fun is Dragon Nest. Now add ninja-style moves, and you get WF.

      That said, 800 hours in, after playing all the content and unlocking 99% of the equipment, it does start to get repetitive. Many players, myself included, hop in and out of the game often. You’ll see the server population skyrocket for 2 weeks after an update, then drop back down. This repeats every update.

      Fortunately, WF has fairly regular updates, so I’ll always jump back in, and it’s not gonna be any different this time.


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