Warframe Offers A Peek At "Whispers In The Walls" Cinematic Quest During Dev Stream

The new quest will answer decade-old questions.

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Warframe Whispers In The Walls

Today, Digital Extremes held its 175th monthly Warframe devstream. During the stream, the devs showed off gameplay for the shooter's next big Cinematic Quest, Whispers in the Walls. The quest, which will apparently answer questions that have been knocking around for a decade, will also introduce a new enemy faction. It will also bring a new weapon class – Grimoire book, a player hub, environmental tilesets, and more. It will also revamp the heavy attack system.

Players will explore the lab of Albrech Entrati, where everything began. They’ll also deal with the conflict between the Entrati and the entity known as “the Man in the Wall”, while also dealing with a new enemy, the Murmur.

New enemies call for a new way to fight them. That’s where the Grimoire comes in. This weapon allows players to use the power of the void, firing “eldritch blasts” from its pages. More pages can be discovered as players go through the story. These will offer more information on the Entrati’s plans.

It wouldn’t be a Warframe update without a new Warframe, so the update will introduce Qorvex, one of the Entrati’s Void projects. Qorvex is armed with radiation Status ailments. It also has the ability to control crowds using collapsing wall traps and fusion reactor pillars.

You can sign up now for the Android mobile Warframe beta now, too.

In other big news, Whispers in the Walls will also bring Cross Platform Save to select players. The feature is being rolled out in phases to prevent any issues. The plan is to have it completely rolled out by the end of the year.

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