Today’s a good day to head back to the Plains of Eidolon, as Digital Extremes has remastered Warframe‘s first open-world zone on PC. What’s there to look forward to? How about:

Warframe’s open world will see advanced lightning techniques that bring brilliant lighting and shadow changes to the day-night cycle, sending god rays through more detailed trees, bush and fog, and will add crisp new texture details to the foliage and earthen landscape.

Any time you can fit “god rays” into your game description, do it.

There’s also some new gameplay offered with today’s update, in the form of new terrain to grind and jump off of using their K-Drive hoverboard and new Tusk Thumper enemies. There are also three new animal conservation badges to earn, and Floofs you can use to decorate your orbitors.

Learn more about the Plains of Eidolon remaster here, or just check out the shiny video below.

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