We got an idea of Warframe’s 2015 plans a few weeks ago at PAX East, and the first of those planned updates is now live for PC players of the game.

The Sanctuary update adds the Chroma warframe, which changes its damage depending on its color — talk about a mood ring. A new form of PvP, Cephalon Capture, has also been added, as well as new quests and new weapons. There’s even an eight-person game mode that lets you invite all your friends along for the shooting-and-slashing action.

Sanctuary is currently live for PC players, while PS4 and XBox One players will have to wait a little while — probably due to the approval process that companies have to go through to get their new content on Sony’s and Microsoft’s consoles. You can get full details on the update on the Warframe website.

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  1. they said the year of quality, this has to be the worst big update they have ever done. its not even the bugs that ruin it. the new quest they added is literally the only cool part, everything else was crap, i lost a little faith in this game with this update, if next big update is a bust like this one, im done forever.

  2. Trash game. I rather shoot people 24/7 with no purpose in doing so that I can entertain myself for an mere second. 0/5 pay to win game with no creativity and style. Old fashion. CoD Copy.

  3. want to get an cool item? wait 3 days grind 10 hours doing the same shit over and over again and be happy with your life, because pvp sucks ,this game was build with pve in mind and nothing will change that and having the best warframe and weapons’ will do shit for you and the worst melee system in the world ,DMC melee my ass .so yeah this is a good f2p game 10/10

  4. game would have been awsome if not for the very very very VERY repititive side like every item you want you have to atleast grind for 2-3 days and wait atleast 1-2 days to craft ofcourse you can buy it with cash shop but why would i spend money for an simple weapon that may or may not be good . warframe makes vindictus grind look like a cakewalk.

  5. new things are good chroma 8 players raid etc
    but only downside for this update is the stealth nerfs
    build notes forget to tell us that they did some really bad nerfs prolly cuz they are too shamed to say it

  6. Raid is boring and complicated, dissapointed, reward suck also! Pvp is better then before but i not enjoy it! Anything else is great!


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