After three years of asking, the answer to the question, “What is a Warframe?” has arrived. The free-to-play shooter’s most recent update — titled The Second Dream — has arrived, bringing with it the game’s first ever cinematic quest, a new Warframe, Sortie Mission, the Conclave expansion, a new tileset, and new weapons and other gear.

The new cinematic quest for which the update is named is available to all players who have completed the Natah Quest. Players will find themselves pitted against the Stalker, hired by the Sentient Hunow to destroy them using a secret related to the origin of the Tenno.

Once you’ve completed The Second Dream quest you can enter the new Tileset; the Orokin Moon.

A new Warframe also arrives in the new update. Ivara — the archer Warframe seen in the video below — is rather stealthy, using abilities that allow her to render her enemies harmless from a distance or by getting up in their face without them ever realizing.

As mentioned above, there are a variety of new additions — as well as several changes — that have arrived with the latest Warframe update. A rather lengthy list of all of these additions and changes is available on the Warframe blog.

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  1. Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Albert

    Einstein, (attributed)
    US (German-born) physicist (1879 – 1955)

    This game is the definition of this saying. They keep adding stuff but its the same crappy grind with no challenge, technique or any skills required. I guess that’s why it’s so popular with the idiots.

  2. A lot changed in U18 but to tell all the MOST important changes one would have to spoil a bit… so it’s better to play it by oneself. New Warframe is amazing work form the devs, Orokin Moon looks astonishing, new quest has amazing cutscenes and a plot, new soundtrack parts for the quest are orgasmic, haven’t checked new PvP changes but they sound promising (how PvP changed in this game over last 2 updated is really something). There’s still more: personal ship expansion, new system/mechanic tied to the quest, new enemies with very original mechanics tied to them, new landing craft (Mass Effect fans would call it shuttle) and kick-ass weapons. Also, for all of you guys saying Warframe is pay2win or that it requires any kind of real money payments … my friends play this game every day, hour or two just to have fun, unlike me when I have time I log in to farm all the stuff like once per week, but they just play for the sheer fun and they get all the stuff, even more than I have now. If one can get fun from this game, getting frames, weapons or mods won’t be much of a problem.

  3. This game is still alive? In the first year this game had a very good free to play model but then it started becoming more of a pay to win or pay to progress type of game.

    My clan and I quit this game and will probably never return.

    • It’s not even close to pay to win or pay to progress, everything in the game is attainable by playing with the exception of some snazzy skins or color palettes, progression is fast as hell when farming infested wave missions. About the only frustration is the limited weapon and warframe storage which can pay for more space, but it’s not an issue if you keep and use whatever weapons you prefer the most, which are easily remade if you ever change your mind, essentially 0 paywall.

      Still probably the most populated, highest quality co-op shooter there is, with amazing updates and events and a development team that cares.

      • Your comment is basically a fanboy defending their game. The game is very grindy if you don’t pay, and that’s why it can be considered p2w imo. It’s pretty fun but gets boring fast from all the useless grind.

        • It’s not fanboy to point out facts and a bit of grind is purposeful, it’s the same idea a lot of games use; grind to unlock better or cooler things which helps boost longevity of the game so you don’t “win” and stop playing, besides you can ask for help from people in game and many people are glad to help carry you which removes a lot of the painful starter grind. Clans also help with that.

          Also I just find it hard to say anything bad about a game unless it’s an EA game or CoD.. lol
          It’s a hard life being non-toxic.

        • The game is 0% p2w, I have spent 0 dollars on the game and I have never had an issue with progressing. Getting Platinum (the paid for currency) is no problem at all if you sell mods and prime parts. You saying that the game is too grindy and P2W in the same sentence just means that your don’t like grindy games and as such think it’s P2W. Besides, the most powerful frames and weapons (arguably) you can’t even buy with RL cash.


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