Warframe’s latest update introduces a variety of adjustments to various game systems including the star chart and market. The star chart has been redesigned to make it easier to travel to the Origin System. The map is dynamic, allowing players to locate specific regions and missions more easily and making it clear which Missions need to be completed.

The market, on the other hand, has been reworked from top to bottom, enabling players to navigate it quickly and easily. A new tab system provides access to important items such as blueprints while reworked categories make it easier to sift through the items available.

The developers have also overhauled the Archwing flight system, adding a new support class, game modes, and weapons.

Finally, new companions have been added to the free-to-play game: the Kavats. The introduction of the new — somewhat feline — companions brings with it new features for the companion system. Now, all biological companions can roam the ship while in their puppy or kitten forms and players can select when they would like them to mature.

For the finer details on the new update, be sure to check out the blog post on the official site.

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  1. Very bad update, 4 gb+ and nothing new, no one care about archwing stuff and conclave, there is nothing more, pets are useless, just for looks, thats it, there s nothing more, waiting next update!

  2. If you guys don’t like the game just leave,no will ever care that you left.This game is not for everybody,i love to farm for prime stuff and now it’s much too easy to find what you need.You don’t need to say anything if you like it stay if you don’t leave ,but don’t bitch about it pls. BTW i did play Warframe from the start as a founder i can say the star chart it’s not the same it will show you where you need to go and what you need to do to go there.In other words the new star chart just made this game much easier and more fun.Have a nice day. 🙂

  3. You gonna waste a lot of time to farm prime items, when other players just take them easily before the update. After you spend your money on your favorite frames the next day they gonna nerf it, make it useless. When i say useless i mean totally trash, not just some stats.
    The game is not stable from now on, the gameplay and the farming is getting worst and more complicated. There is no balance, even if you wanna pvp/conclave, its all about the mods.
    The only thing that is getting better is the enemies.

    I had so much fun, but yeah time to unistall.

    • well ur totally wrong in every way. Just say which frames were nerfed to oblivion? And pvp not balanced? stop trolling or if ur for real do some research. PvP has its own progression system and everything is balanced there. If u wanna quit the game just do it, dont ruin expectations for others with your whining.

  4. So they’re adding more content to the most boring and least popular aspect of the game … that nobody really cares about and can live without. What a great idea ….

    • Agree, no one like archwing and trials, conclave stuff too, 4+ gb update but i not see new content, pets are useless, few new mods for archwing wich no one care, i played archwing missions i never played yet full team mission there, no one playing it, only just to level archwing stuff for mastery xp, archwing movement is much better but gayplay is same.

      • people you are trolls or imbeciles. DE are trying to put life into those game modes. Noone plays trials? if u suck at it and cant beat it doesnt mean others dont play it. Also there are plenty of people who enjoy archwing and pvp. Also they changed whole progression system. On starchart its easier for everyone to understand everything on the map. And the last part pets. Your calling most usefull and op thing currently added into the game useless? Stop trolling or do your research noob -_-


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