TennoCon, the annual celebration of all things Warframe, is just a month away, taking place on Saturday, July 17. Being as close as it is, you’d think that Digital Extremes would have a schedule ready — and look at that, it does!

As was the case last year, this year’s event is 100% digital, and will feature a bunch of informative and entertaining presentations by the DE crew. The shebang kicks off at 12:30 p.m. Eastern with a welcoming address by Community Manager Rebecca Ford, who will offer a “full rundown of the day’s events, giveaways and more.” The rest of the day’s schedule is:

Sounds of the System
1:00 PM ET
Host: Rebecca Ford
Guests: George Spanos, Keith Power, Erich Preston
Join us as we pull back the curtain on how your favorite sounds in the Origin System are created! Caution: May contain brussels sprouts.

Live Developer Q&A
2:00 PM ET
Host: Megan Everett
Guests: Pablo Alonso, Eric Vedder, Elyse Gymer
Get the answers to your questions straight from the source!

The Art of Warframe
3:00 PM ET
Host: Danielle Sokolowski
Guests: Geoff Crookes, Keith Thompson, Kaz Adams
Make sure you catch this in-depth look at the creative process of designing iconic Warframe characters, environments and worlds as we chronicle the story of Warframe up to now.

Community Art Show and Cosplay Contest
4:00 PM ET
Host: Megan Everett
We’re showcasing the extraordinary creativity of the Warframe Community all throughout TennoCon! Don’t miss these amazing creations, Tenno.

5:00 PM ET
Host: Rebecca Ford
Guests: Steve Sinclair, Sheldon Carter, Scott McGregor, Geoff Crookes
Don’t miss the day’s main event! A celebration of all things Warframe with the year’s biggest news, reveals and prizes hosted by the Devstream crew.

In the meantime, eager Tenno can enjoy the “Road to TennoCon,” as outlaid in the video below. That includes the Dog Days summer event, taking place until June 25, the upcoming Sisters of Parvos update, and a slew of free rewards and boosts.


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