In an interview with yesterday, Wargaming CEO Victor Kislyi laid bare a lot of his grievances surrounding the recent partnership with Microsoft to publish World of Tanks on the Xbox 360. Unfortunately for Wargaming, Microsoft has enforced its policy of requiring players who wish to play online to pay for an Xbox Gold membership. This does not sit well with Kyslyi, who says its unfortunate that World of Tanks will not be 100 percent free-to-play.

“This we have to tolerate, which I am not happy about,” Kislyi says “I would rather add another 30-40 million non-golden members and they will monetize occasionally”.

He goes on to talk about how Wargaming will be advising Microsoft on how to embrace different payment models. Currently Microsoft is only allowing credit cards to be used in order to purchase Microsoft Points, which Kislyi says is “suicide in free-to-play”. In the future he hopes to coerce Microsoft to embrace other payment models such as SMS.

Still when faced with whether this was the right decision for Wargaming, Kislyi remains confident. The F2P market on consoles is relatively untapped. “People have been playing with their console for seven years so we shouldn’t be trying to make them suddenly play on PC. We take the game to them.”

Keep in mind Xbox Gold memberships already account for a large percentage of Xbox users. In April, Xbox Gold membership numbers were cited at over 46 million out of the 77 million units sold. Even though Wargaming may not be able to entice many non Gold members into subbing just for World of Tanks, they still have a chance at capturing a large percent of the Xbox’s online community.

The interview goes on to talk about World of Tanks future on the Xbox including any Esports plans and the hurdles involved in pushing constant updates to the player. It’s been known to take weeks and cost developers thousands of dollars each time they wish to patch their game. Wargaming intends to push Microsoft into breaking a few of its rules in order to be more transparent about the whole process and remove some of those update restrictions.

What do you think about the partnership between Microsoft and Wargaming?

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. :D:D:D Consoles sux, its for brainless people who dont know more then pres start and exit, games looks like shet versus PC games!

  2. Having to pay a sub after buying your console and then your game, is a disgusting slap in the face to console gamers.
    I will never object to paying for my game or for my hardware. HOWEVER microsoft is a suckers franchise, they are greedy and take advantage of every single opportunity to suck our wallets dry.
    Death to x-box and to the discount rack for all of their filthy sh1t.
    If sony goues sub they will never see a dollar of my money.
    Canadians dont like the filtsy hobitsis that are microsoft.
    I will be glad to see the xbox vanish into history under the “gaming gone wrong” catagory.
    LONG LIVE getting what you pay for !
    Dont buy a console anymore, that will force them to re-examine their pay structures.
    If you buy a console after reading this, you are part of the problem and a supporter of this newest cash grab from microsh1t.

  3. LMAO,knowing that ms has always required xbox live gold even for f2p titles they still went with xbox.I get it ms flashed a nice chunk of money and WG said lets put our world of tanks title on the 360.Now it’s gonna cost them twice the cash ms gave them in the long run just to update the game.I remember reading an article where a indie game developer said the reason they are going with sony’s consoles was cause not only does ms have long winded certification processes.But ms charges around 5 to 10k for any updates you want to deliever to your game.Next time go with Sony at least they don’t require the sub for f2p titles and are making their plicies on updating games more friendly towards indie developers.I loved my xbox 360 but ps4 is just such a better console for f2p gamers.Should of put world of tanks on ps3 or ps4.

  4. I’ve got an idea. Lets make consoles, every generation a step closer to PC and charge them a fee for playing online. They will never catch on because they are stupid kids that ask their parents for money. I guess in 15 years consoles will be dead considering how they are getting closer and closer to a PC, and kiddies are more than happy to oblige to their liege, whether it’s xbox or ps. Milk it while you still can Microsoft and Sony.

    • Actually I think Sony does a better deal for the online stuff, they give out free games with your subscription for Play Station Plus, so that is actually wonderful, spend $5 get like $30 in games or so for free.

      I can’t wait for the PS4 to come out, might pick it up, tho I mainly do PC gaming, would be kinda interesting to see Sony move into the PC market after they make their last console or so, see if they will have the $5 a month to get free games, heck if Steam did that, it would be crazy, they would have so much money and people would get so many games.

      • Xbox Live Gold now comes with free games per month as well, old titles, but it’s an added value nonetheless. The only downside I see is that you still ahev to have gold to play this while PS+ isn’t required for F2P

        • From what I was looking at Xbox Live Gold will only do that for a few months until Xbox one launches, after that they will no longer be doing that, so there isn’t really any added value, tho with Play Station Plus, it seems you get more for your subscription, even tho it is cheaper then XBL.

        • except it’s only 2 per month and only til the xbone releases.Ps plus gives you more games in your instant collection.And ps plus is only 50 bucks a year,xbox live is 60 a year.And ps plus gives you some huge discounts on the playstation store.

    • We know that PCs are better than gaming machines! Why do we buy consoles then you might ask? Beacause not all of my friends can afford a pre-built gaming PC( They don’t trust me building their PC for some reason) so we all buy consoles, have fun, and relax. Just beacause consoles have weaker hardware does not mean they suck. Consoles are light years away from PCs socially, it’s easier to make friends on consoles than on the PC(even more now that the PS4 has a mic included). I have a pc that can run everygame on mid-high but i barely use it for gaming beacause it’s so boring playing games by yourself.

  5. Dear Wargaming, DUUUUHHHHH

    “We are mad because Xbox Live will not let us be 100% free to play.” Umm… have you guys really ever had a first gen Xbox, THEY NEVER HAD FREE ONLINE SERVICES…

    I am sorry to be so direct, blunt and mean, but… does anyone at that company have a brain? “Hey guys let’s partner with Xbox, we want to be legit 100% free to play, oh wait they don’t do that, let us get mad and protest.” I guess they didn’t try asking Sony about their online “We don’t charge for you to play free games online.”

    Tsk, tsk, tsk… bad move on their part, now it will cost so much more money to port over to the PS4, tho they will probably not move over and they will do some kind of package deal “Pay for live, get X amount of gold.” who knows, brains need to be used and everyone at Wargaming, must of never played the first gen Xbox.

    • Can’t help but agree…this was a very poor deal. It has been known for ages the costs of sending out patches on the 360/PS3 and the time MS and Sony take Q&A’ing it before they approve it, Wargaming should’ve known better than to try and launch a F2P title in a current gen console. More so on the only one that actually forces you to pay to play online.

      PS4 would’ve been the soft spot for them. F2P titles don’t require PS+ to play AND as Warframe devs confirmed, Sony is allowing for a much simpler and quicker patching system per game that allow developers to send out patches in a more timely fashion, just like they do on PC.

      All in all…that was a bounce, WG.

    • Well lets not forget that just because Wargaming ended up going to Microsoft doesn’t mean they didn’t look at Sony first. it may have been that Sony was asking for more initial money than Microsoft at the time. I am not by any means defending Microsoft because since I’ve moved to my PS3 from my 360 I haven’t looked back, but that doesn’t mean Sony isn’t money hungry they just appear more a lot more smart with the way they treat their consumers

    • I’m sure they had their reasons to choose XBox.Besides, it would be great if they actually manage to steer Microsoft in direction of true Free 2 Play, don’t you agree? After all, who if not Wargaming can prove that F2P is a viable and profitable option.

  6. Free to play games on consoles will NEVER WORK because wait to go online you have to PAY there for the game won’t be FREE TO PLAY. BAD MOVE WAR GAMING should of done research on consoles. consoles will always require you to pay to go online and buy ALL GAMES.


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