World of Tanks in virtual reality? It might be coming soon. Then again, it might not.

Today, Wargaming announced a partnership with Moscow-based VRTech, with the intention of “delivering new common initiatives that will introduce engaging VR experiences to the European market.” One of VRTech’s initiatives is PolygonVR, which seems to be more about viewing video games via VR than about playing them.

It should also be noted that the press release only mentions “game” once, when talking about “Wargaming’s expertise in game design.” All other mentions of applying VR technology comes in the form of talking about non-specific “entertainment.” So calling this the precursor to “World of Tanks VR” might be a bit premature.

Wargaming is no stranger to VR. The company has toyed with sort-of VR with some interesting YouTube videos that give players control over the camera to look around ships, tanks, and battlefields. So while we may or may not be getting a full game out of this partnership, we still might get something pretty cool.


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