World of Tanks’ third-season battle pass will be up and running tomorrow, Sept. 17, and it’s got all the progression and rewards players are accustomed to. Seriously, the news announcing the battle pass said that the “core mechanics of Battle Pass remain unchanged from the previous season.” So just read about that and you’re good to go, right?

Alright, maybe things are a little different this time around. Notably, the core vehicles are the American T110E5 and Soviet IS-4, which can earn you bonus Progression Points. If you finish the battle pass, you’ll get a unique crew member and 3-D styles for the core vehicles. You can learn more about the battle pass and all of the rewards for the new season, which runs until Dec. 7, in the video below.

If you’re itching for even more WWII-related content, be sure to check out “The Finest Half Hour” every Tuesday, a new podcast from the Wargaming team that delves into the history and stories of WWII. The cast offers a “rich soundscape including period recordings” and is hosted by British Army veteran Richard “The Challenger” Cutland. Or, if naval warfare is more your cup of tea, check out the new podcast from the World of Warships team. By land or by sea, you’ll learn something and have a fun time doing it.


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