The German battleship Bismarck is one of the most famous ships in naval history. This month, Wargaming is commemorating its important place in the annals of World War II with two historical narratives: one on the World of Warships website and another courtesy of the Extra Credits crew in a sponsored video.

The first video in a multi-part series about the hunt for the Bismarck went live today and sets the scene for the drama to come. That drama does include a battle, of course, but the real conflict was in the hunt for the Bismarck, “the largest battleship on Earth.”

You can also pick up a code for some free loot for your World of Warships account with a code in the first minute of the video. That’s the plan, anyway; as of this writing, the link in the video description doesn’t work, nor does entering the code manually on the Warships site. Hopefully, things will be straightened out before too long.

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