Wargaming is quickly ballooning into a mighty Russian umbrella corporation. The developer/publisher has made headlines in the past with its sudden acquisitions of notable companies like Gas Powered Games and Day 1 Studios. So what other development carcases are ripe for the picking?

It seems as though Atari is now the dish of the day, as their recent financial misfortunes have forced them to sell many of their assets, allowing Wargaming to once again swoop in and acquire two of the publisher’s franchises.

Master of Orion and Total Annihilation are both old school critically acclaimed series which Wargaming saw fit to snatch up. Attentive fans will note that Total Annihilation’s original developer, Chris Taylor, now works with Wargaming after his company Gas Powered Games was brought under Wargaming’s wing.

The Total Annihilation series spawned several popular real time strategies including Supreme Commander and Planetary Annihilation which is currently in development by Uber Entertainment. Coincidentally, Uber also came in as the back-up bidder for TA.

Whether Wargaming intends to resurrect these franchises in the near future remains to be seen. Chris Taylor has already expressed his desire to make a sequel in the past when he last spoke to VG247, but ultimately it’s Wargaming who will make that final decision.

It’s obvious Wargaming should be capable of taking on the project now that it has the experienced staff, IP, and a never ending supply of money bags. But the purchase only solidifies a new owner. For now, anxious fans must once more play the eternal waiting game.


  1. The Original Supreme Commander and it’s expansion were very good. SCII was a the only flop, killing the franchise at that point. I never saw such an anticipated game die off so fast – it was truly bad. Go back the original SC, and expand from there. It makes SCII look lame.

  2. Wargaming is true leader in f2p ocean really good company of course with few minuses but they have much much more pluses
    But on sight there is one another great older company who recently joined in this mmo world: GAINJI check them they are really great and doing great job

    These 2 companies shows how sustainable f2p model can be.

  3. Now we can count on Wargaming that they will do a good job on this.. an actual RTS no stupid MOBA crap…

    good job Wargaming!

  4. With Chris Taylor back at the helm (hopefully) of TA maybe we can have the game sequel we deserve! Supreme Commander was a flop, nothing compared to what TA was. Is it possible that StarCraft will now have competition if Wargaming decides to go ahead? maybe kids, maybe.


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