Warhaven Gets A Launch Window In Latest Developer Q&A

Warhaven looks fun, but when can we expect to play it?

Troy Blackburn
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16v16 hand-to-hand battleground game Warhaven is back with more information from their open beta and a Q&A in which they touch on the key features they are looking at from player feedback.

In the video below you can check out some key information Nexon has accumulated regarding player behavior in Warhaven, as well as discussion about the lore and inspiration behind the game's style. The setting is referred to as "Swordpunk", with swords and shields highlighting the architecture of the game, as well as the hand-to-hand combat style of the game. There is some magic in the world, however, and players can transform into Immortals with varying abilities as a sort of "ultimate" ability.

The major focus of the Q&A is player feedback about and improving the starting experience in the game. Making it easier to get into Warhaven, learn the skills and abilities, and getting acquainted with the battlegrounds is at the top of the list for Nexon right now.

In the video it is confirmed that Warhaven will be coming to Steam sometime in 2023.

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