WAVEN Pushes Back 1.0 Launch, Looks To Add More Features And Polish To The Game

Over 500,000 players have checked out WAVEN so far.

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WAVEN Pushes Back 1.0 Launch

WAVEN is looking to further polish and refine as they announced today that they are pushing back the launch of the 1.0 patch. This month they'll be rolling out some pretty major updates like the main quest prologue, a new hero, the grand finale of the Lance Dur Season, two new island nations, a free chat, and more.

Personally, I'm looking forward to the mobile version. I would love to play the game on my tablet while lying in bed at night, and look forward to being able to do so.

The Ankama team is looking for feedback on the core experience of WAVEN so that they can launch the best 1.0 version they can.

Maybe the most interesting tidbit here is that over 500,000 players have checked out WAVEN so far. It's a fun little cozy game and I definitely recommend checking it out. Take a look at our first look below.

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