metin 2

Metin 2, an action MMO originally released in 2004 is finally returning to the West — via Steam. So far, the Steam release has received mixed reviews from players, with some complaining that it’s missing common Steam-related features such as a global server, achievements, and other mainstay features. There are also apparently Game Guard related issues to worry about.

Those that are offering better reviews seem to be those who played the game upon its first release and are fairly nostalgic about the whole thing. What this likely means is that if you played the game before and liked it, you’ll just be excited to have it back. Otherwise, it seems iffy.

That said, the game is free-to-play and doesn’t currently appear to have any DLC costs involved. You can check it out on the official Steam page.

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  1. Stream is getting flooded real bad nowadays. Valve need to put a stop to Free To Play games because it just getting out of control. ( it chaos in there now.)
    The Stream Community people are getting real lazy using stream for almost everything
    on the site.

  2. Steam is garbage.
    I use other sites that have faster downloads and cheaper prices by 5€ or more. Steam is bloat ware stocked with retarded features and hacked accounts. They sold me bad and known bugged copies before. The Adhd generation flocks to it like flies to poop, which is why these bad outdated games get revived there.
    The only one good thing about steam is when they do mass bundle sales. I got entire ARMA 2 titles for 1€… But then again no one plays it anymore …so they littetaly sell you their trash bin

    • You are a person who lives in his own little sad world, but the question is how much shit you eat day by day?

  3. A game so minimalistic, after a short playtime one could tell the name of every item and their exact drop location, name all the monsters, player skills, NPCs etc.
    Back then the engine was fun: trading juping for a non-targeted basic attack. The out-in-the-open guild areas are a nice concep too. Too bad it fails literally in any other aspect.

    Content is extremely few, RNG sucks hard, especially when levelling skills and upgrading items to high level, rewarding with huge delays and broken weapons. Class balancing is nonexistent.

    The only good memories I have about this game was playing with a stable party of 3 or more. In every other game it was usually 2, or even alone.

    A simple game for simple people. Those wishing for a more refined gaming experience, than sleeping on the Space button for hours and hours should keep away.

  4. its good to see STEAM being overloaded with rubbish!
    Its is the most stupidest tool to be used to play games ever invented.
    Years before this stupid STEAM tool, We just bought games and installed them, and if necessary we updated them via a normal process through websites and ftp, instead we’ve got to use STEAM which always updates every second, updates this! updates that! interferes with game play, by popups and is total waste of your time with other added bullshit to stopping your game time, to boot! its Infested with Ads and follows your every move there afterwards!
    So the more rubbish STEAM gets the better and its one great big clutter infestation of rubbish!!.

    • I totally disagree. It’s much easier to handle all ur games in steam, faster downloads, easy to uninstall games, u can track ur gamestats and so on. All games on this earth should be on steam imo. All these other steam clone tools like origin and glyph are useless and annoying.

    • Steam easy to use. With it I can find the type of games I like most easily and it can download games faster.


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