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About the game:
Title: Metin 2
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Developer: Ymir Entertainment
Publisher: Gameforge

Metin 2 is a free 3D fantasy MMORPG which is packed with great features including guild battles, real time combat, ride mounts, and wars between nations. It was originally released in Korea but got a great success in Europe.

Metin 2 in about ancient times when there is only one continent on the planet. There was peace and happiness on that continent until one day a deadly disease spread out in the planet which converts the people into beasts. Many inhabitants of the world were converted and many were slain by those beats. Ultimately the only single empire present on the planet, Metin broke and fragmented into three. These three empires fight for their own survival such that they become enemies for the other two as well.

To start the game you have to choose a player from 4 types that are Warrior, Mage, Assassin and Sura. One can customize their players by changing their genders and outfits. More customization options like facial changes and body structure need to be bought. The power of player is allocated into four different stats that are Cont, Int, Str and Dex. You are awarded with stat points for crossing each level by gaining experience.

Explosive Features:

  • Real time combat
  • Guild Battles, and guilds can build forts and castles
  • Faction PVP

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System Requirements

Metin 2 Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8
Processor: Pentium-III 600MHz
Memory Ram: 256MB
Hard Disk Space: At least 650MB of free Space
Video Card: ATI Radeon 7000 or nVidia RIVA TNT2

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  1. So, reading reviews there, let’s get it straight. This games magic is in it’s simplicity, and also it was released 2003/2004. You can’t really compare it with tera. I am talking here about early years in global release, not now, but I have been enjoying this game for years. Yeah, it’s all repetive and grinding based, these days really close to p2w, if you are not fan, don’t even bother with downloading. But crap about it being copy, copy of what? Tera? You are kidding yourself… WoW? Even more ridiculous, different combat system, different graphic, different story base, absolutelly different. But yeah, there are better games these days, so Metin2 is only for fans, for new players I would even suggest first Metin over the second. Yet I loved this game

  2. the game is useless shit. only a copy. there are enough for the crappy games produced with his mass. The same one is all of them. 10 may be good for year ones. Good game.

  3. I loved this game, i played since 2007 and until 2013 I still playing but not the officials server, becouse they explore the game… the only thing they want is your money

  4. Idioic game. No much costumisation options, not a good number of skills at all(5 a class, LOL), no class change option, after lvl 20, Grind whole day to level up, no auto-quest-targetting feature,

    Play Tera 🙂

  5. So where i can start,i downloaded this game and i played it like 3 days then i checked that the game file is full of viruses and my computer was really slow after i downloaded it,so i have start a computer check with my antivirus and he found 33 items from the game who where actually viruses,but thats not the only problem the game is realy a peace of shit:you dont have a character creation,the grafics are just shit i think my old worms game have bether grafics,then that ,gameplay is actualy shit……

    • you are dumb.. just cus you dont like the game you say it has viruses? lol and those saying “oh lets just play tera” that game sucks aswell lol greedy devs unbalanced shop zero player support and p2p allways wins


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