Trove‘s latest PC update makes a bunch of changes to the game’s Chloromancer class designed to make gameplay more fun for those playing them. The focus on the Chloromancer is intended to fix the lack of damage and healing utility, increasing the class’s plants and making it more effective during boss encounters. To do this, the devs made changes to all the abilities and the class gem. The changes are as follows:

  • Passive: New Ability: Mini Bloom – Basic Attacks have a 25% chance to spawn plants near enemies. They will explode in a burst of pollen that heals allies by 5% and deals 500% Magic Damage to enemies. Using Basic Attack on Mini Blooms makes them explode instantly. Maximum of 4 at a time.
  • Basic Attack: Fires solar energy that damages enemies and heals allies. Heals allies for 4% of their maximum health up from 2%, and plants for 18% of its maximum health up from 12%.
  • Primary Ability: Green Gatling – Throw a seed that grows into a plant. It will fire 1 volley of bullets at a nearby target dealing 160% Magic Damage every shot. Healing plants makes them grow faster. Maximum of 3 at a time.
  • Secondary Ability 1: Leafy Lasher – Lob a seed that grows into a plant over 2s. Once fully grown, it spins around and continually snares and damages enemies for 100% Magic Damage (down from 215%) every .8s. Maximum of 2 at a time. Healing the plant will make it grow faster. Lashersā€™ damage stacks and radius has been increased.
  • Ultimate: New Ability: Empowered Growth – Empowers the Leafy Lasher and Green Gatling to be larger versions. Green Gatling deals up to 380% Magic Damage and fires multiple volleys of bullets at targets. Leafy Lasher snare gains additional effectiveness, reducing movement by 100%.
  • Class Gem: When Empowered Growth is active the Chloromancer heals nearby plants and allies. Allies are healed 10% every 1.5 second for 12 sec.

In addition to the Chloromancer improvements, today’s update also fixes issues with Delves, adds the Chromacycled dealtalith, fixes client issues and makes the Fae Wildride mount tradeable. It also adds new allies to the Dev Dream collection, and makes a selection of quality of life changes.

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