In honor of World Women’s Day, Trove is hosting a forum event in which players play a little game of “Date, Marry, Kill”. To participate in the event, players need to post on the forums which of the three “most influential Ladies in Trove” they’d like to take on a date, which they’d like to marry, and which they’d “rather see dead.” These ladies are the Moon Goddess, the Sun Goddess, and the Daughter of the Moon.

When selecting which lady they’d like to do what with, players are asked to explain their choices, and upload a screenshot of the lucky bride-to-be. Everyone who participates and meets all the requirements will receive a Princess Prancy Prance mount.

I have to admit, this seems like a weird choice of event for World Women’s Day. Selecting one to die, and all… But, I guess at least you get a mount of it. (And, it gives the Defiance Twitter account something to tweet about.)

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