Hearthstone’s public existence has yet to pass the one year mark, and yet in that time the collectable card game from Blizzard has surrounded itself in a massive storm of attention. That storm may finally have reached its pinnacle here in the US as the World of Warcraft inspired CCG has just been released into open beta with all other regions joining later this week. Anyone who had already signed up for the closed beta before December 16th received an invite before the open beta began.

Hearthstone drew criticism last year after it was revealed players in the closed beta would not have their accounts wiped before open beta, giving closed beta participants a massive card advantage over newly entering open beta players. Blizzard originally intended to release Hearthstone in December, but delayed the release in order to fix some pressing last minute bugs.

Hearthstone is available on both PC and Mac, with iOS and Android promised sometime in the future. Players who have yet to try out Hearthstone will need a Blizzard Battle.net account which they can sign up for here.

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  1. So I ben playing & I don’t get why they just didn’t they make the WarCraft card game for PC. Hearthstone is basically the same thing just named different. 30 cards is not enough for a deck. Also I would like to point out it is fun for like 5 hours then it gets lame. Magic the gathering is way better!!!

  2. This game is p2w (obviously) and focuses mainly on arena which has a lot of luck involved in it. The game also gets treated like a MOBA because there are so many strategies. So as soon as the majority or the player base finds out some stupid imbalanced trick, Blizzard nerfs/reworks it. That will work for a MOBA and even an RTS, but not a card game that even has luck in the mix. However on the bright side, it’s probably the best online card game available.

  3. this game is for kids and only…if u r a kid then yes i recomend it to u go on and try it…BUT if u want the real card game with the best ever artwork and the deepiest strategy go try Duels of Champions online!!!

  4. I hope it wont take long before the us Europeans can play it.

    It kinda sucks we’ll have to play against players from closed beta, they’ve got such huge advantage now. Hopefully there’s a balanced matchmaking system that wont match us against too experienced players.

      • richfags? go cry to mommy and daddy that they dont give you money, i work and if i like game i will pay my portion for what seems is right, with people like you there would be no f2p games.

        • What makes you think he’s poor? Some of us would rather pay $15-60 up front for a fair game where everyone is on an even field than sink time and money into a “free” game that lets you pay for an advantage. Are you incapable of understanding that or are you just blinded by nerd rage?

          “with people like you there would be no f2p games.”
          This is a paradoxical statement that makes no sense. He and other “people like him” already exist and I don’t F2P disappearing any time soon.

          • So you are basically implying that TCGs in real life are also unfair because they are also pay to win just like this game. This must your first card game ever because you don’t seem to understand how this type of games work. If you don’t want pay to win games, go find another genre instead of coming here and supporting first timer nerds who don’t get a simple fact.

          • @asdjk

            You seem to really confused about who you’re talking to. Razer never once mentioned Pay to win. If you’re going to take the time and write a well though out paragraph do take the time to make sure the posting you’re replying to is the right person…

            Razer never implied himself in the equation, he said some. And saying that supports another side of the story. SO check your facts “before” you talk shit. Thank you and have a good day.

            -Please note I’m not saying anything, I’m just stating something. Don’t bash on my post. And create a flame war. Let’s not do that.. Please?

          • This is getting way out of proportion. Normally I don’t write long responses like here, but this is a complicated matter. Lets take it from the top:

            Nexarn comments about “richfags” and nolifers owning a large advantage. The “richfags” being the whales that spend absurd amounts of money on microtransactions, presumably. Extasist sees the word “richfags” and takes offense to it either because he ignored the context it was used in, or because he may be a snotty wallet warrior himself. I retort that the “mommy and daddy don’t give him money” comment is baseless and ignorant (Much like you telling me that Hearthstone is my first card game. Ha!) and gave an example contradicting him.

            I didn’t elaborate my position on Hearthstone because I didn’t see it as relevant to the discussion, but I’ll do that right now. P2W is an inadvertent element of TCG/CCGs due to the collectible nature of them and it will always exist to some degree. Unless all cards are available to all players from the get-go, it is inarguable. P2W does become mostly irrelevant though, if it has a well designed skill-based matchmaking system that does it’s job of giving players a fair match. With such a matchmaking system, even having lots of rare/powerful cards should only result in you being matched with tougher opponents in the future.

            I believe Hearthstone isn’t P2W, at least not to a bothersome level. While the game is failing to hold my interest for reasons mostly unrelated to that, I could easily recommend it to a casual gamer without a guilty conscience.

            Extasist didn’t focus on whether or not Nezarn was right about the game being P2W (Although he was essentially admitting it is.), so I didn’t either. My phrasing might not have reflected that but I couldn’t think of any better way to put it. I still stand by my point that you don’t have to be strapped for cash to abhor (in this case, perceived) P2W.

        • And good cards, if you only have shit cards it’s impossible to win against people who have the cards to set off combo’s that’ll annihilate everything.

    • For me it’s slightly different when i play.

      I have guaranteed win against any AI as my gameplay and whether or not i win is based off:

      50% RNG
      50% The person i’m versing isn’t a slow ass F*ck.

      If i spend enough time to think about what cards i have and what’s left i’m guaranteed a loss; however if i don’t give a fk and play cards as i get them i’m guaranteed a win.
      i seem to make more rookie mistakes if i think before i play a card.

      If i think i tend to get annihilated, but if i don’t i can pull off combo’s to get cards with 20+ Att and have multiple godly taunts set up. (Highest attack i’ve reached is 24, highest HP 16x 2 cards.)

      One bad thing about this game though is it’s clearly Pay to Win, as apart from the occasional quest the only way to gain money is by gaining small amounts after every win from a battle. (Which unless it goes up at later ranks, i’m only gaining 10.)

      • The guy was merely stating his opinion, no need to be a condescending dick. And just because a game requires some level of strategy (albeit very low), does not mean it cannot be boring to some.

        • I’d bet that guy does find the game boring because it requires too much thinking for him. So I really lol’d when “Name (Required)” burned him with that reply.

          Anyone who likes to think and strategize wont find this game “very boring”.

          • I don’t understand what you are trying to say, I’ve had the game since it went into beta and only played it about 30 minutes before realizing how unamused I was. Your belief that his lack of intelligence makes it boring to him but I play crusader kings 2 and Europa Universalis 4, games that do require strategy, and i like those games but I don’t like hearthstone.

          • Out of most card games, Hearthstone is considered one of least strategic of the bunch. It’s not uncommon for veteran CCG players to find it boring and brainless. Sounds more like you’re just a butthurt fanboy.

          • Maybe it’s simple, but it still requires good amount of thinking. Two or three mistakes are enough for you to lose the match (taken you’re playing against a good player).

            It’s definitely not boring and I’m loving it so far.


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