Wilds of Eldraine Set Now Available For Purchase In Magic: The Gathering Online, New Player Experience Revamped

There's various quality-of-life improvements too.

Matthew D'Onofrio
By Matthew D'Onofrio, News Editor Posted:

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The Wilds of Eldraine set in Magic: The Gathering Online is now available for purchase, accompanied by various quality-of-life improvements in the game.

Boosters for this card set can be acquired for $4 and contain a mix of commons, uncommons, occasional premium foils, and a single rare/mythic card, along with one card from the Enchanting Tales bonus sheet.

Additionally, there are two new Commander decks: Fae Dominion (blue-black) and Virtue and Valor (green-white) — each priced at $30. Two other Commander cards, Court of Locthwain and Throne of Eldraine, will be released in the future via Treasure Chests. Players can also look forward to alternate-art treatments, such as Extended-Art, Borderless, and Showcase Rares/Mythics.

The game is also introducing the Deck Brewer’s Pass, offering access to the newest cards to help players decide which ones to collect. This costs $20 and grants All-Access privileges until September 13, when All Rare Event Tokens will be removed. Magic: The Gathering Online is adding Anime Borderless Bundles too, featuring illustrations by Japanese artists, with each bundle priced at $20.

As for changes, the new player experience will be more intuitive and welcoming. There’s the Modern Gauntlet and Commander Gauntlet events to look forward to. And the Super Jump format, effective for new players, will return on September 27.

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