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WildStar’s free to play beta continues into its second phase tomorrow afternoon as Carbine Studios takes the day today to review data from the first closed beta phase and to add new items into the game’s free to play version. Coming as part of those changes is a Runecrafting overhaul that will (mostly) be on the PTR soon.

Previously, Runecrafting was a terribly complex and tedious system, particularly for new players trying to learn the system. At its core, Runecrafting was a way to augment your WildStar gear with specific stats to further tailor your specific character. Most MMORPG players get the idea of “gemming” your gear in most titles, but the creation and execution process in WildStar left a little to be desired. In the free to play release, WildStar’s runecrafting has been streamlined to match the new combat stat changes and certain elements with trigger a set list of bonuses, for instance Fire runes will focus on damage modifiers (like Critical Hit). This means players will know what stats are available to them from a preset list simply by knowing what type of rune slots they have available in a certain gear piece.

Fusion, which was previously an additional element type, is now being treated as “universal” element. A fusion rune can go in any rune slot and a Fusion rune slot will accept any rune type. “Specials” (proc abilities some specific gear had) have been made into runes now allowing you to keep that special proc you love even while upgrading your equipment. Artifact gear retains their own specials though that cannot be transferred to other gear. The number of runes you’ll be dealing with has also been decreased. Take a look at the full details to see what you can expect when you log in to the free to play version of your existing character.

Be sure to check out the list of loot changes coming with the free to play version of WildStar, too!

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  1. Free player restrictions I saw don’t seem game changing to me, at least from my experience in game so far. I never used more than a few auction slots, did not bother with it too much. To be honest only the restriction for creating guild and inviting people in it is the one that can be a problem for new players who want to make their own guild. But that restriction can be lifted using loyalty points. Since charachters dont share bank space its just as if they are on separate accounts, so free player limited by char slots can always make another free account for more char slots. No restrictions to zone leveling, shiphad/adventure ques or dungeon/raids which is main game content so I guess should be just fine. And I’m sure every one of us has at least one friend who will be paying signature to get some xp/rep boost and that guy can make guild and invite others so that problem solved too. Atm I don’t see any reason to why free player could not enjoy WS as much as paying one. Hope this f2p gives some wind to its sails for more high quality content.

  2. I hate greedy games liek this. You claim the game is free to play but then you put up so many walls and blocks the game is simply not worthwhile to even bother playing. wild-star can suck a … lolipop. I refuse to play under these regulations. Make it purely free with cosmetics and boosts or gtfo. There is literally tons of choices nowadays. I can barely spare one hour on weekdays to even bother with all this red tape. Love my hearthstone and my gw2. since gw2 is going free now. Im gonna drop it and go back to ESO. I like to play games and mmo’s at my own pace. I do not like to be rushed to end game and then spend monthes farming for a stupid shiny item. — TL:DR — dont worry idc either.


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