As reported by MMORPG.com, a Redditor claiming to be a Carbine employee — a claim apparently backed up by the mods of the WildStar subreddit — has posted several details about WildStar’s future and the generally grim atmosphere around the office.

According to “God_of_EDM,” WildStar will be going to a “Hybrid Free to Play model in August,” or somewhere thereabouts. Of course, it won’t be pay to win, though there will be microtransactions for things like buffs and XP gain bonuses. The game will also apparently be coming to Steam, as the Steam database has been updated with a WildStar entry and God_of_EDM confirms that Valve visited the Carbine offices in January.

As for the attitude around the Carbine offices themselves… according to God_of_EDM, “It’s not great.” Employees are leaving left and right, there’s been no studio head since Jeremy Gaffney left, and

“There is no transparency and everyone is always fearful of what will even be here 2 months from now. The place is ran very poorly by people who have the biggest egos that fight over everything.”

Here’s an odd thing, though… while we’re all jumping on the “OMG shadow leak!” bandwagon, the fact that God_of_EDM concludes his reveal with a friendly

“What are your thoughts on the model? I personally like it and am excited as I can’t see how this wouldn’t bring players back and new players in.”

makes him sound less like a rogue agent and more like a community-focused employee of Carbine asking for honest feedback. In other words, I’m not sure this isn’t a planned action by someone at Carbine, especially knowing as they do the current public perception of the game and the realization that sticking their heads in the sand and denying everything won’t get them far.

And, as short as any employee’s tenure might be at Carbine, why risk it — not to mention future employment with another gaming company — by posting this information? The discussion about the management at Carbine might fly in the face of that theory, but if this is a Carbine-approved action, it’s a whole new sneaky level of community involvement.

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    Why doesn’t this surprise me? It seems that every studio made up of a bunch of people who leave Blizzard thinking they can do it better like they used to do it in the past ends up this way. It’s like they think because they worked on the 800 pound gorilla in the early days that some how they know everything and their shit doesn’t stink.

  2. I hope this company go to bankruptcy . idiots mercenaries. go to hell and burn forever. with their eternal ip blocks . stupid company.

  3. I said it many times & I will say it again. Buy to play is the best marketing way for a game to stay on track GTA5 PC is AWESOME! 50 bucks & you never have to pay again & all content is available to all players. GW1 & 2 same thing & still making money. The Secret World is an awesome game but many people don’t have the PC specs for it But again all content for all players. Why do these gaming studios just do that & have to make everything so damn difficult & expensive. Buy & play is the way to go for any game, I would pay $200.00 bucks for an awesome online game if I liked it & eventual the price will drop, but if you only charged like 55-60 bucks that means more players will buy it & play GTA5 made so much money so far it’s crazy.

    • I played a game for free and actually earned $50 dollars from selling goods on a black market that wasn’t illegal… I will not tell you this game as you will have to find it yourself.

  4. waiting to see the development on how this will transition I never bought it seeing I knew it would go free to play mostly the economy of this game is meh it had hype and released at the right time but we’ll see how it will match up in a long term.

  5. try it in the beta it was alright a bit boring at times. Try it again when it came out, still the same thing…nothing to offer I hope going to f2p will be enough to save this game from crashing.

    • I think this game has seen it final days really. I was either going to crash or go free to play and crash either way I feel this game needs new managers to help save it.

  6. No surprise if it does turn out to be true i said before they should have done it ages ago before firing many of the top guys.

    If it does go F2P in august and it’s on par with the likes of Aion in the level of F2P that is offered then i will jump in and give it a go.

  7. We have to take this with a grain of salt, for all we know this could have been some very elaborate prankster who thought it would be funny to mess around with people like that.
    The best way is to simply wait until NCsoft themselves come forward and say that the game is either going free to play or buy to play.

  8. And to think, once upon a time the community had so many elitist losers who would snort at the idea and mock anyone suggesting anything of the sort. “It’ll never happen”, they said. Funny to see that, much like the snobbery that occured with Elder Scrolls, so too does WildStar fall to it.

    In short; if you aren’t the developer, don’t make the claim it will never happen. You will only look like an arsehole later down the road.

  9. Idc if this goes f2p or b2p ill still get it cause i love the game play but some months i have money some i dont lol. #BillsLife

  10. I have a fear that this “Hybrid F2P system” will be a poor implementation of it where content is put behind paywalls which would actually kill off the game rather than bring new players in. They NEED to do f2p right, paying for convenience and cosmetics but allowing ALL content to be playable without paying.

    • alot of hybrids comming around are like tera where you can pay every month for bonuses but nothing that will make you stronger or better off a hybrid generally means a combination of f2p and p2p so cross your fingers for non pay to wins =D

  11. GOOD! About damn time, population of this game will be boosted significantly, I can’t wait to play it! I’m hype already!

  12. The only problem is even once this game is F2P, no one is going to play it. This game isn’t failing because it’s B2P, it’s failing because it’s a piece of shit.

  13. B2P, F2P, or hybrid…just won’t fix a bad game. Wildstar, imo, was dead in the water the day it launched…curse my friends for making me buy it to play with them, when they quit 3 weeks in while I at least played 2 months. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure Carbine and NCSoft are trying to salvage some money out of the game by making it free or cheaper to access for old, returning, or new players. That being said, the game was just not all there when I left last summer. End game blew, the whole telegraphing thing was an eye ache, pvp was way imba/silly, hated most of the classes/achetypes, and overall the feel and look of the game was just goofy for a lack of a better word.

    They made the game to be “old school” but yet it didn’t feel old school like Vanilla WoW at all, except all the frustrating stuff. Like getting keyed for end game, gg. The success of Carbine and Wildstar is just an end result of bad management and conception. All this is just my take on the game mind you, but obviously the HUGE amount of subs and revenue that it’s been raking in has obviously proven me wrong. šŸ™‚

  14. Until official confirmation I’ll remain skeptical about this.

    I’m also afraid how they would do free to play – most games that don’t start with that model are usually pretty terrible for free players (see SW:TOR, HoN’s early F2P).

    • Really? NC soft is behind this studio and their model on free to play market is the best one. Take a look at Aion or Linage.

    • The CEO of these company do not have control over the transaction system they only want money from the team they put forth and let them have control of it. Project managers set up a game and its model so every game out there is controlled by a different group of people and project managers that is why we sometimes see drastic changes over in places like EU and NA.

  15. I really hope that this is official! I tried out the game for a few months ago, and i really enjoyed it šŸ˜€ I played it for about a month, but stopped because it was too expensive to pay that big amount of money every single month. At least it was much for me since i’m a younger player. I also hope that they won’t give up on the game! I have seen a bunch of people, who wants to play the game, but can’t since they can’t afford it… I think they should try it. What can they lose by doing it? I mean, the game already seem to be in trouble, so if this is what it takes to save it from failure, i say go for it!

    • Games are so expensive. I feel like I’m constantly choosing between food for my baby and mediocre entertainment.

      When will these game developers realize what they’re doing to my poor child? Video games should be a right protected by the constitution. Since I don’t pay taxes on my welfare, I can only see it as a win-win for me.



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