Yes, I know that WildStar itself isn’t a F2P game (yet at least), but I couldn’t let this little bit of news slip by without bring it to my F2P friends to get your opinion on it. We all know that WildStar has been having its own set of troubles that started the whole “Will it go F2P or B2P, and when?” discussion a long time ago.

If you want to continue that discussion and the merits of either model for the MMORPG though, you’ll have to take the chat somewhere other than the WildStar subreddit. Mod Fran (username: girlwithruniedteeth) has announced that B2P and F2P topics in their entirety will be banned from posting. Don’t misunderstand. Troll comments and flamebait comments aren’t being banned as they are made, but rather discussion on the topic as a whole is banned.


Well, Fran views these topics as generally just creating a messy environment that turns into nothing but the aforementioned trolling comments on both sides of the discussion. Citing a lack of evidence that WildStar will be changing models anytime soon, despite retailers dumping boxed copies and WildStar itself running a promotion to entice players to liquidate retailers’ inventories for them, Fran feels that these topics are only speculation and lead to overall negative postings.

“I am personally irritated and tired with the negativity and hostility towards WildStar that is spurred on by these kinds of posts. I’ve come to the conclusion that anyone posting these threads are either 1. Self entitled and do not actually wish to support the game itself, and/or 2. Trolling and intentionally trying to create unrest in the community.
These posts are no better or helpful than “dedgaim” posts, and from this point forward, I will not allow these kinds of posts to be made,” Fran wrote.

The ban only has one exception: If a Carbine Employee or Moderator announces a business model change.

So what do you think? Yes, Moderators obviously can ban certain topics (most reddits do) but does banning a topic that clearly has merit based on a company’s actions and could have beneficial discussion points being made simply because some people opt to flame the post make sense? What do you think?

One thing is for sure, I’ll certainly be looking forward to NCSoft’s Q1 financial report analysis from Jason Winter since that report is due out, ironically, tomorrow!

UPDATE: 5/13/2015 – Fran has taken to reddit again to remove the ban on the F2P/B2P discussion. With the release of NCSoft’s financial today and WildStar’s continued decline, Fran wrote, “Now with the reports being public and there is discussion to be had, putting up the rule was a mistake.”

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  1. Someones mad their WoW fake game didnt make it, like as if anyone with a little bit of brain expected their outcome…. thanks for mmobomb reminding me of this joke of a game

  2. People still play this garbage game? I said it was going to fail before the first beta and everyone was like ‘LOL you’re so dumb its going to be the next WoW killer’. Yeah 4/4 on game predictions.

  3. I’ve been playing Wildstar for the past 6 months . Its a great fun this game and i dont care if it goes f2p/b2p as long as it keeps provoding me with countless hours of entertainment . If its really going f2p then i just hope they do it right and stay away from p2win .

  4. This topic caught my attention so I decided to do a little digging. Annnd…. This person already rescinded the ruling, admitting it was a mistake and that it caused needless chaos.

    While it was a stupid move at least this person admitted it was stupid and backed off rather quickly. Something Trion should have learned a long time ago.

  5. I really don’t understand why devs can’t seem to get dungeon difficulty right. They’re either insanely hard, requiring specific character builds or they’re so stupid easy a drunk chimp could beat them.

    People want to have fun their way. Dungeons need to be open and progressive. Nobody wants to play dance-dance revolution with the same song 100x over.

  6. well, it is simple, when people speculate about it, more people will be afraid of subscribing and waste their money in a soon f2p/b2p game

    they need to milk this desperate extra bucks before changing it

    it is a dick move, but is not like we are shocked by this xD

  7. Ok so I bought a boxed copy of wildstar on the first day it came out. The gameplay is fantastic. Its smooth and engaging. The pvp was a blast at low lvl. So heres were the issue lied with the game in my personal opinion. No one qued for anything because of the difficulty. There was no content that was accessible w/o a perfect premade. Not only that but it was required to get to raids that you clear all these insanely hard dungeons flawlessly. If you tried to que u were asking for the worst headache in the world. I feel as though there should be a nice balance of things to do regardless if all your go to people are online. PVP was not an option because of the difference in pvp gear (another headache). Gave it a good run but like i felt trapped when I hit max lvl. Leveling up was super fun tho and the whole housing system. Game had so much potential. Might give it a try again some day.

    • That is the only reason for the speculation of change in their business model.The so called ‘community’ who is active as such in wild star is quite low and that too in a time frame is even lower.

      Going f2p will allow a HUGE influx of players that can made the queue and other group activities much easier.
      Make a game p2p fine,but if their base is decreasing your are doing bad for the existing players too.

  8. They made a colossal mistake with their payment model. Everyone, including them, knows this yet they have always guarded their decision like a toddle guards the secret of the poo in his pants in spite of the obvious stinking aroma that follows him about.

    They can ban every single thread on the subreddit but that won’t change the fact the game is dying. Behaviour like this is no better for the game than the trolls they think they are shutting out by doing it. Silencing discussion will NEVER help ANY game.

    Her job was to moderate, not make arbitrary decisions about what people can and cannot discuss. Yet she did so, and just like it was a dumb idea to have that greedy payment model, this is also a bad idea that will backfire on them and contribute immensely to their downward spiral.

  9. They are marketing their game for Retail for $60 bucks plus month subscription with the first month included in the $60 dollar price tag or you can go cheaper and buy and digital download from their website. Then they brought in CREDD which was a way for people to earn free subscriptions on someones else dime the issue was not a lot of people were playing to begin with. They are not generating money like they have hopped and don’t want their current player base to know this or lose what current player base they have which isn’t much compared to games like world of war craft or even EVE. They don’t even come close to free to play title games as it is this game will either close or at some point force to go F2P which will piss off a bunch of people who paid for their accounts.

  10. Wildstar is going either F2P or BTP all the signs are there despite what some mod may think, banning people doesn’t help their cause it only adds to the fuel of what is being said is right.

  11. Personally, I left WildStar because they set the bar too high for lowbie dungeons and I was tired of being randomly que’d with retards who couldn’t get a handle of noob dungeons. I think it is absolutely RIDICULOUS for people to expect completely free games, with either no sub or cash shop. Would you expect a free meal if you went to a restaurant ? Stop being such untitled morons. For the record, those of us who choose to invest money in a game we believe we will enjoy or do enjoy, are not automatically idiots who enjoy wasting our money. Why would we expect a game to be free ? Do you honestly believe games are free to develop and maintain ? On another note, from personal experience dealing with them, the Wildstar admin/GM/Customer Service team seems to be made up of emotionally-driven teenagers who rage at displeased customers, which just isn’t good for business. Good game, they just need to grow up a little.

    • I’ve never seen paying $60 up front then $15 to continue playing a good investment. Do I expect a restaurant to feed me for free? No, do I expect a restaurant to charge me $60 at the door then $15 for every bite I take? absolutely not. Why not just charge me at the door and let me eat at the buffet? a few drinks will cost me extra but I don’t really need a drink to enjoy my meal but you know maybe I like this restaurant and decide it’s worth the extra cash to buy one or two.

      • wow bro I am currently clapping my hands at this beautiful comment. You sir are GENIUS! I am not joking or poking fun either its well just deserved gratitude at this comment.

        BTW i do mean 70calories the other guys is meeeeehhh.

  12. Fran was batshit crazy when the game first came out and it regularly posted on the official forums sometimes exploding drama bombs randomly for no apparent reason(in a thread about character model underwear or something similar, IIRC), about suicide, self harm and the like, the simple fact that it has ANY power at all ANYWHERE is absolutely terrifying to me and a pretty good reason to NOT go there.

  13. I remember when i first saw wildstar. I was so excited about it! Then I saw the gameplay, I thought meh. The I saw the subscription model and I was like, NOPE! It is a great project executed wrong.

    • my thoughts exactly that game isn’t worth the $15 dollar price tag a month. I would have seen it more as $9.99 maybe depending.

  14. i really want wildstar to go f2p i love this game. I dont wana give money to play the game.I will really love to play the game for free.But if it going to be a f2p still are going to ask for your money in the cash shop for the premium items and ecc.

    • Umm, you do realize if you pay for a sub there is no p2w or very little but if you get a “free” game it will be heavy p2w usually and will make you pay more than the sub would.. I don’t see why everyone wants free shit, try developing a game and then try making a free non p2w system that actually works. Happens very rare these days (POE, LOL)..

      • oh, you’re one of those “I pay for shit because it won’t be pay-to-win” just because it’s free, does not mean it’s automatically P2W. But I guess you’re too busy flushing down your money on things that could have been free to realized that.

      • how pissed would you bee if your game went f2p within the next month ? My guess is you would quit playing in which case all that money you put into your account was wasted hahaha.

        Also developing a MMO is much cheaper than you think it is as long you know what your doing.

      • Uhmm and you do realize good sir that Ncsoft rarely and I do mean rarely has p2w games as they are against that, if you have ever actually looked at an NCsoft cash shop btw.


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