An official date for the release of WildStar on Steam has been announced by the free-to-play game’s developer Carbine. As of June 9th, players will be able to jump into the game via the popular digital store.

In conjunction with the Steam release, the developer is offering new bundles through the platform’s store page. Similar bundles will be available in the In-Game Store as well — just in case you might not be interested in logging in via Steam. These bundles include cosmetic items, pets, mounts, and more.

More information on the Steam launch and the bundles can be found on the game’s Steam page.

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  1. Wildstar still exists? I personally never played the game but from what I seen in the playthroughs that was uploaded to youtube earlier this year. But this game has no chance on steam combat and gameplays awful. I know worse games then this but for a game that looks like this be prepared for negative steam reviews from people.

  2. I hope STEAM could help this great title to stay alive because it really deserve a longer life. I play it and there is lot of people there yet, art style is good, story is good too, the combat system works in both modes, old RPG mode with click or tab targetting and newer mode with targetting in front of the character. Lot of irony in the game, dialogues are great. Housing, crafting, dungeons, lot of locations with great landscaping always in a funny cartoonish style. Really a nice game. Good luck Wildstar!

  3. I actually really enjoyed wildstar for the art style, story and game-play (dungeons/raids) but heaps of people left and it was just too time consuming for me šŸ˜›


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