Starting today, WildStar players can try their hand at the Boss Hunter Challenge. Find some friends, track down World Boss or Legendary Champions, and take them down. Then reap the (extra) rewards. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be part of a raid to get in on the action. World bosses are open to anyone.

During the challenge, players will have a 100% chance of getting a new Shiny Token that can be turned in to a vendor in the capital city whenever they kill a World Boss or Legendary Champion. They’ll also get a lockbox key normally only available through purchase.

To make the weekend even more worthwhile, players can kill as many bosses as they like — so long as they have the Progenitor Access Particles to respawn them. This shouldn’t be too hard because the required amount of particles has been temporarily lowered for the challenge.

Full details on the event are available on the WildStar site.

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