WildStar’s Homecoming Update Goes Live Today


Today is the day… when all homeowners in WildStar can get to know their neighbors. The awaited Homecoming update has arrived, and with it the new Community feature. This new social housing feature allows players to move their homes to a shared neighborhood.

Since this is a pretty big deal, the WildStar team has planned a new (monthly) event and a contest to go along with it. The event, titled “Residential Renovation” will run one week every month. Players will be asked to participate in housing activities in exchange for home decor upgrades. The contest, “Community Showdown” will allow communities of 5 Housing plots to create the perfect neighborhood in exchange for prizes. The first of the monthly events will kick off September 15 at 10 am Pacific while the contest is already up and running.

In addition to the housing-related content, the update also expands on Prime content with the elevation of two more instances to Prime status. Details on this and general patch notes are available on the WildStar site.


  1. Been experimenting with communities on my main and 4 alts. Amazing fun if this your thing…. so much room to stretch out on. About everyones concerns of “shutting down”, I’ve been playing daily for 2 years and been having a blast. If you are the social or pvp or group content type play during peak hours. If youre a soloist like me, anytime is a good time. As mentioned above every game dies eventually. Ive experienced many game funerals in my life (47 yrs old..been gaming religiously simce atari 2600) , my advice: game while a game is alive and at the very least , you’ll have fond memories.

  2. I really wish to get back to this game, but I’m afraid to get into it and then it shutting down. Its graphics were great and I enjoyed its combat, but I was a bit bored so I quit.

    • I was thinking the same thing. For the most part, I did enjoy what I played at the time but it just felt like something was missing and I could never quite put my finger on it.
      All games shut down eventually. So you might as well get in there, while they’re releasing content and enjoy yourself. Before it does get taken offline. Don’t miss out because of that.

      • This game was fun from it early state but now I would say play this game for one day only plus if the game does not success than it will mostly get shut down.
        (Don’t waste your money)


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