Wizard101 Launches New "Novus" World And Fall Update, Debuting Archmastery Stat, Beastmoon Forms, And Magic Items

Unravel the mysteries of a strange world where dreams become reality.

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Wizard101 Novus

After a round of beta testing, KingsIsle Entertainment has launched the new "Novus" world and Fall Update for Wizard101. Players will unravel the mysteries of Novus - a land where dreams are a reality - while unlocking fresh magic items, testing out the new Archmastery stat and Beastmoon forms, and plenty more in today's patch.

The Fall Update and Novus launch have been released first on North American servers. For those fans, they can reach the land of Novus through strange rocks appearing across several worlds, each connected to different parts of the dreamy world. Players will go into Novus with many questions about its origins and relation to Spiral and find those answers as they navigate the complex politics of the Spiral Empires and master new magicks.

KingsIsle also introduced changes and additions like the Archmastery stat. With it, players can accumulate power that automatically converts Power Pips into School-specific Pips to cast spells. School Pips will work exactly like Power Pips, with the added bonus that comes with it in combat.

Furthermore, the devs implemented some new Beastmoon forms, too. Specifically, they added the Balance Minotaur, Ice Draconian, Fire Rat Thief, Death Wolf Warrior, and Myth Colossus. Each plays a different role in battle as supportive, defensive, or offensive while representing one of the signature elements.

The patch notes wrap up even more specific details and bug fixes you can read on the Wizard101 website. In future updates, KingsIsle aims to improve Schools and other systems. Also, more Monstrology goodies will be heading to Wizard101 shortly after the Novus and Fall Update launch.

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