After missing its original launch date by two whole weeks, Wizardry Online has finally launched. The perma-death filled Japanese fantasy MMO is now available in both NA and EU regions and comes complete with 99 levels of hardcore goodness to progress through. All you have to do is make sure you don’t die…ever. Easier said then done since practically everything (and everyone) wants to kill you in Wizardry Online. From the trap filled maze like dungeons to the tough as nails boss encounters which will punish you for even the slightest mistakes. Oh and don’t forget the fact that the dungeons are open world, meaning other players can zone into your parties area and attempt to PK you in order to steal all your loot. Dark Souls with open PvP, I can see the smashed keyboards now…

If you are interested in giving the potentially rage inducing MMORPG a try you can head on over to the official site here.

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  1. For those that are unsure of playing this game: The server issues that you hear about are due to the fact that they were not prepared for the massive outcome of this game. The graphics are not top tier. The combat is a bit awkward at first, but the game itself is a whole new experience. It isn’t the type of game where you roll that one OP class and that’s it, you win. It focuses on truly learning how to play your class, working with your group (or destroying them strategically, if you’re the criminal type). The perma-death system makes every action worth while. In most games you can just revive and that is that. In wizardry, your revival is based on strategy, your desire to revive (what you’re willing to sacrifice) and a little bit of luck. The soul system is also quite interesting, but that could take me forever to get into.

    TL;DR – It might not be the prettiest game, but if you’re looking for a different style MMO where every decision counts, Check out Wizardry.

  2. Loving the game. Currently it’s having some serious issues. As most all MMO’s have at launch. The servers are overloaded, and SOE is currently doing a horrible job talking to the player base. Other then that. The game is well executed. There are different aspects to the game, and the ability to multi-class your characters at will adds a lot of replayability to it. Yes perma-death is a possibility, but there are ways to prevent it through in game actions. The PK’ers everyone is worried about, isn’t something to be overly worried about. As soon as you become what the game calls a criminal, you become free game for “ALL” non-criminal characters. It even becomes a crime to heal criminal characters. These are the players who PK and/or loot other players corpses. The bounty system rewards players for killing PKers. You can put bounties on criminal players and it makes more and more people try and search them out. Not to mention, the city gaurds will attempt to capture pkers. If you get captured, your characters are imprisoned. And no just your main, all of them. Because the game is set up by a soul system. All your characters share a soul, (Think family) If one of your characters becomes a criminal, it affects all of your characters, and the gaurds will go after any of your characters. More things that make being a criminal very hard to do. There are areas gaurds don’t go, and criminal players can hang out there, but the problem is, most all players there are criminals, so you know what you’re dealing with everytime you see someone in that area. There’s more, but for the most part, there’s a run down on how some of the game works. I’ve been enjoying it a lot, even with a lot of the server issues that SOE has yet to fix.

    • Yea, no.
      It is still a clunky piece of crap game that tries to lure on people with its franchise/name and unique “perma death” feature. The game could have been so much more but there is no getting away from the fact that it feels like it should have been an iOS game that you play for a day and never touch again.

  3. Holy crap this game sucks. Should have been released 10 years ago and even then I wouldnt bother with it.

    My pro-tip: Don’t Bother >.<

  4. That about sums it up for now. In dungeons get used to being backstabs by thieves because they can just run pass all the mobs and come backstab you then run away and let the mobs kill you and then come back and loot you. Traveling in a party is a requirement but that doesn’t stop high level pkers. It might change later when the player base goes up so more people are around to stop pkers. Gameplay is also sub par. However, still giving this game a weeks or so of play to see if it gets better; assuming I can get past the “connect” screen.

  5. this game sounds more like people trolling people to me like u gonna be makin a dungeon and some high lvl dudes(or better equipt by u or ur party)will enter your dungeon kill you take your stuff(which they dont really need cause they better equiped right?)and then like sell them or trash them cause they can.Never liked open pvp world and i will never will like it cause for some(if not most)games this whole “Open pvp world” is for mainly trolling people.Thats all i had to say from the point on whoever can take up the challenge and sleep well and not think if he is gonna get ganked/killed tomorrow in a dungeon by some other bettter equiped party than his then god bless your confidence and have fun

    • PKing people tags you as a PKer. Supposedly guards will hunt you down in cities and players can place and collect bounties on you. Killing a PK flagged player does not turn your PK flag on. Also people who loot other players corpse will have their PK flag on.

      Now i dont know how long the PK flag stays on etc, but from what i understand being a criminal has its own consequences and probably shortens the life span of the PKer perma death considered.

      Im sure eventually there will be some elite PK guild roaming around in large packs to clean out dungeons which will kinda suck to deal with but as far as random PKing i dont think you will see much of it due to the consequences.

      • well i didnt knew that and thank you for your info the “guild” associated thing u said is something to worry about the future indeed though.We will see how to goes 😛 thank you again for your info

  6. After my many years of perma deathing myself only make’s me think that ” This Game Can’t Even Touch a pro like Me ” !


    • I never understood before why would someone play perma death games, but recently i started getting a lot into them my self with PoE and Wizardry. The thrill hc modes gives you is incomparable to the other mmo’s. I don’t know how long i will have the patience to play perma death, but for now i find it really enjoyable.

  7. Less than a day after release and they have to go into a long maintenance.
    It took maybe 2-3mins for me to even log in (when I could be bothered). Checked forums, some ppl even bothered to wait 30mins – 1hr just for it to crash a while after their login.
    Having to use Task Manager to exit the game (whilst in the queue to log in, no option to exit)
    When I did get in when creating a character you get bonus points for your char (of which you cancel and start the char creation again to try get a better amount, again from forums ppl were rolling for up to 2hrs???? just to get a 12+ bonus —- hope they don’t get permadeath otherwise it’ll be another long random char creation for them)
    I did the tutorial esque quests and then got bored waiting for the training dungeon to load (not sure if it was waiting on other ppl).
    I’ll give it another go if I can get in (a dungeon or 2), but think it’ll be uninstalled soon after.
    Horrible graphics from an age gone by also max name length is something like 8.

    • The idea behind it may sound good but what has been released is just downright tacky…..damn haven’t played an online game that keeps rolling me back every 10 secs….terrible

      Uninstalled and interested to see how long it lasts before being shut down…..

  8. I really want to try it out, but I can’t see myself sticking with it for more than a few hours.
    Can someone who’s played the game for at least a few hours tell me what they thought about it?

    • Played it for a couple days, and while the premise of the game has a lot of potential, the way it’s executed leaves a lot to be desired.
      For a game that’s centered about PvP, the combat mechanics leave a lot to be desired. In fact, I found pvp combat to be pretty damn awkward when it came to targeting. The animations aren’t stellar either, but then again, neither are the graphics.

      It can be fun for a while, but frankly, I expected a lot better from a game that came out in 2013. Especially one with so many unique features. Their permadeath/PK/Criminal system actually sounds like a lot of fun, but I attempted PvP several times (and before critics arrive – I killed as often as I died), it didn’t feel exciting at all. I just can’t get used to that combat system.


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