In just over a month you are going to get the chance to die, a lot.

Sony Online Entertainment announced the release date for their upcoming super-hardcore DnD inspired MMORPG Wizardry Online. The perma-death equipped MMO is scheduled to be released on January 16th 2013.

You can check out our First Look of the almost-Dark-Souls MMORPG above.

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  1. This game’s death is that when you die, you have a chance of offering items and put your soul back into your body. Although, you can fail. If you happen to fail, your character is deleted. That is the badass thing about this game

    I died and rage quited.

  2. lol retarded comment spotted way above XD no surprise there since this game is very unforgiving and a lot of ppl QQ and creates a lot of A.hole(or attracted them to it).
    Nonetheless it is a challenging game to me so Bring it!!

  3. enjoyed it,thanks for the preview I can’t wait to play XD, the perma death and pk system are really gonna make things more interesting

  4. haha faknob get st00pid all day 24/7 but they no know me because is faknob? i MUST is to play this game. me want keel many faknobs and give he permanent death and loot corpses then noob come on forum and complain about me and everybody laugh and noob cry rivers! HAHAHA !!! let the drama begin!

  5. Would ya look at that? An empty comments list.

    I love this game and can’t wait for the full release. Its the first game me and my S/O enjoyed playing together because it doesn’t just encourage party play, it essentially requires it.

    The feeling of being in a dungeon and knowing that a million different things could happen that could wipe you out is almost addicting, however I hope they fix the difficulty scaling because we blew through the castle and then got nearly instagibbed by everything in the amusement park.

    • I can’t help but think that they are releasing 6 days before Path of Exile? …. It might not have anything to do with that but i thought this will release later in 2013… Oh well gonna be jumping from WO to PoE and the way around when they are both released 😀


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