Wargaming unveiled details today of World of Tanks Generals, a free-to-play, browser-based MMO game combining elements of real-time strategy.

World of Tanks Generals will be set in World War II and will allow players to play as one of four nations at launch: the US, the U.S.S.R., France and Germany. Players can relive history as they engage in strategic combats based on historical events. No word on which events will be incorporated, but word to the wise: Never invade Russia during winter. Never.

In addition to the browser-based game, there will also be a card-based strategy board game available of the game.

Is a browser-based version of World of Tanks enticing to you? What about a board game version? Let us know down below what you think!

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  1. i love world of tanks GREAT JOB GUYS (and girls) lol any ways i have my administator account password protected and now i cant play world of tanks D: so please let it be able to play on browser 😀 i am going to buy SO MUCH GOLD :DDDDD

  2. most of the problem is less p2w and more that the devs seem not to care about balance. and also seem to have a bias towards soviet tanks.

    • Gold tanks have better matchmaking, they are “top tog” more often then any other tank of their tier.

      Also gold ammo gives you an insane advantage over normal players, while others might “ding” you even in the weakspot, you will almost always penetrate and damage them.

      Balance is something strange to WG, they never cared about it and they never will, the mm makes calculations based on the weight of tanks, not on their level, player skill and type. That is why we see games with either 8 arty per side or no arty, or 7-8 TD’s per side or not a single TD per side and many, many more.

      After 1 and a half years I have to give them props for fixing something that even a modder could fix, that is the max 2 tier spread in games, however this brought even more bad balance, we have less low tier vs high tier, on the other hand we have loads upon loads of only 1-2 tank types per side battles, you either get 8 medium tanks and almost no TD or heavy tanks, or almost all are heavy+arty and neither teams have lights or mediums to scout/spot.

      Btw there is no bias towards soviets not in my eyes in any case, I own both is4 and is7 and T54, and obj 212 and I have played Maus, E50, E75,E100 as well… but there is a – or + chance on one team. You either get in games where you can literally damage every tank, you can fire in places where you would never ever in a million years penetrate,yet you still do damage, on the other hand next round you can get your is4 and you will see that you will bounce 3 times from a GW Tiger.

      • That is not true,. If I play 10 games in my Cromwell 2/3 of the time I AM Bottom tier and if I play the pudel ( a tier 6 medium tank Just like the Cromwell) I have the same matchmaking

  3. another pay for fun game ,or is it pay to win ,idk ,both ,tryed bets ,tryed open ,tryed reg. game , still pay for something right off and you are gurateened wins. even new players with 1st tanks ,pay to win in my book.

    • Apparently you need to insert a new brain. I’ve been playing WoT for some time and I never noticed any pay-to-win elements in it. Only a few Higher Tiers tank can be bought through real cash. But you can still unlock them by playing.

      • Orly? Prey tell me, where you lying to your teeth or your ears when you wrote that hilarious comment?

        So gold offers no advantages whatsoever? Nope, I can’t see any pay to win with gold ammo, gold tanks, and jumping over levels 🙂

        Go away troll, go back to the shadows, go into that dark cave you came from and leave the rest of us alone.

    • Pay to win? Lol. I’ve been playing this game for months now and I’ve never spend a single coin. The things you can get from paying are just premium, gold ammo and premium tanks, which are by the way not game breakers. Premium, its just 50% to exp and gold. Gold ammo, just improved penetration so little that it doesn’t matter. Premium tanks, fun but can still be defeated by the same tier. So tell me where is pay to win in this game?

      • Because having a gold tank+premium account equates to as much credits per round as someone with a free account has to grind in 7-8 rounds and that is if he wins all of them. Also having gold ammo means that you always do damage and wot is based on damage not on kills, the more damage you do, the more xp and credits you make.

        Also a gold paying person can jump trough levels and get an ultimate tank in a matter of days, while a free playing person has to grind months to get to the same lvl 10 tank.

        It’s not pay to win, that is why all of the three Wot forums are literally filled with topics about type 59 or other gold tank, how much penetration you get with gold ammo and what lvl 10 tank is the best one to jump to with money.

        Please trolls, go home, even the wot forums are tired of your constant fanboyish remarks.

        • Jump to best tanks? Are you even serious? Have you played WoT? There is no best IMO. It just your depends on your taste. Every tier of tanks has its different level of fun. WoT plays by teamwork, even your so called “shit” account that can kill. You can damage if you hit a weak spot of a tank. Even the gold ammo bounces in tank slopes. Play the game, learn the mechanics. Its one of the most best free to play games out there.

          • Yes I have played wot since the closed beta, unlike you, I am not a drizzling fanboy that does everything he can to defend this bugged and mostly pay to win game.

            Who said anything about “the best” do you have 3 pairs of glasses on? Where exactly did I say anything about such a thing?

            I have over 7 thousand games played so before you try and utterly fail to troll, please go back in that dark corner where you came from and stay there.
            Weak spots? Again, what a failed trolling attempt, yes shooting at weakspots is what people should do and frankly almost everyone knows this that is why I did not bother mentioning it, however it does make a difference when you have 170 or 250 penetration on that gun does it not? 🙂 Of course it does, now be a good boy and have another cookie.

            Wot is in theory a teamwork game, however the horrid win ratios of the vast majority of people show a different thing, most people who play world of tanks, do not even speak English, nor can they understand or relate to things like “tactics” and “teamwork” .

            “WoT plays by teamwork, even your so called “shit” account that can kill”

            Could you please translate that in English? I could really not understand that sentence, either I suck at understanding the language, or you suck badly at typing and making sense of things.

            Also please next time use proper spelling, it really hurts my brain trying to decipher leet language that was cool back in the 90’s but is just such an embarrassment to watch in 2012. IMO, OMG,LOL, LMAO and other really retarded nonsense.

            It is one of the best tank games out there, but I call serious Bullshit with a capital B on the note of “best free to play game”, come on, I know you can troll better than this.

        • That it is p2w ( what I am award of) doesn’t meander you don’t nerd skills! You can haveas much gold ammo that you want, because of you die, you can’ t do more damage sorry you can’t Just Yoko in (sometimes you can but I have you get the point)

          This is my opinion and plz do not juge me dit who I am. Thanks you


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