With the recent launch of World of Warplanes and development spent on World of Warships, one might think that World of Tanks might be a bit lacking in the new features category. Not so much, if the new dev diary from Wargaming for Update 9.0 is to be believed.

To break the stranglehold on the world map that the biggest clans have, fortifications will be added to the game, allowing smaller clans to create buildings that give clans various advantages, like a bonus to income. And, of course, you can ransack opposing clans’ fortifications, but only once they’ve reached a certain level, to protect smaller or newer clans. As for the battles themselves, players will be granted the ability to call in airstrikes, plant mines, and do a number of other things to help defend their bases.

Historical battle mode will also be a big part of the new update. The video goes into quite a bit of depth about the difficulties in accurately portraying these battles, and even introduces respawns for lighter, support-style tanks.

Finally, a garage battle mode is in the works, where players will get to roll out with multiple tanks in their garage. Shades of War Thunder, anyone?

So what do you think of the new game modes?

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  1. WoT is “broken” on so many levels and people who prefer WT over WoT escaped from WoT because of:
    – prototypes and blue prints all over the place which causes nonsense fights like T29 vs KV-1, T69 vs Cromwell or having tanks from completely different era fighting vs each other Tiger vs T54 for example.
    – 6th sense (utter nonsense)
    – gold ammo
    – small maps with 2 choke points
    – no skill based MM whatsoever, roflstomp fests in almost every match, it’s not really a rare thing to lose 10-15 matches in a row, you can’t carry a bunch of brain dead players no matter how good you are. Without skill based MM you are stuck playing with bad players forever, your skills evolve, you become better and you are stuck playing with bad players which just builds your frustration with the game the more you play it. You either roflstomp enemy teams or they roflstomp you, balanced matches are rare.
    – RNG. When RNG starts its trolling, you will keep dinging almost every single shot during the match. I remember of several times when I even dinged T49 with Hellcat which is absurd. That’s like paper dinging a pistol bullet.

    These are one of the main reasons I stopped playing WoT after 15k of matches, went to WT and never looked back. They can implement whatever they want, but they are not fixing any WoT’s burning issues with any of that. You can implement 150 game modes, you can improve graphics as much as you want but the main problems remain the same.

    • LOL mis informed noob.
      1) World of tanks. Not “historical battle tanks” and WT has the same “non same type tank” battle problem as well. And not sure if you learned to read. But WoT patch shows that next content is going to have nation vs nation war…untill then of course all countries are going to battle in fake non realistic battles or no game would exist XD.

      2) What. You can’t smell video games so scratch one sense off…back to 5

      3) NOOB! You can but gold ammo with IN GAME SILVER now! All my tanks have a supply now an dI never paid a dime for this game. Also, it is not that OP. You have to study damage type. Gold rounds are only one damage type making them useless for certain situations. I rarely use them and only keep a stock of about 10 per load out.

      4) Choke your chicken points. Perfect size maps (because rolling for hours doing nothing sucks), and lot’s of choke points. No two matches play out the same. IF you know there is a choke point, don’t roll into it, try taking high ground and blasting out of it.

      5) HAHAH you are noob, get pwned, and call in a “stompfest”? Let me guess, you roll out in the open and try to blast a tank 3 tiers higher than you. FAIL. You do not know how to play. Watch an E sport video. You have to learn scouting manuveurs, flanking, artillary vs long range vs heavy. So noob.

      6) Fail.

      You stopped playing because you are noob and like games that reward retards. The REAL problems with this game are:
      Match making: Noobs like you are tossed into random matches and it is frustrating. SHould join clan or make good group before going out, but they have horrible match making nad clan systems. Most game modes, maps, and team play content is behind top tier fights.

      2) Top tiers take allot of grind. Over 12K exp to unlock tier V, (10 tiers total) and the exp rate goes up and up. IT takes about 55 exp per match depending on success, kills, etc.. MOre or less. 15 min per match. 55 x 15 = around 228, / 60 = around 228 hours ish, divided by 5 days a week = 14 hours a day. .. (sorry not using calculator, just off the top of head fast count). MEaning you play allot of tier 1 – 4 battles and the tank groups are always T1 T1 T1 T1 etc.. Bad match making.

      3) The game was pay 2 win up to 2013, they announced they were making it less so by opening gold ammo and doing damage balances. Problem is, allot of nations have better tanks so if you do not follow the level up guide to the T you will suffer playing tanks you might like. Kind of sucks.

      • i do agree with what u sayin although i disagree the way u say it but anyways.The mm does suck yes i totally agree with that(comin from a guy with a t8 right now)yes it does take forever to get higher tier tanks but imagine how much it would suck if it was “faster” to get a t5 or t6 or any tiers above 5 u would probably have all tanks in around 6 months maybe less if u bought a premium account(which gives u 50% more credits and xp per battle).All i am sayin is this game needs patience if u want to get higher tier tanks does it have some things that are bad in it like mm or the thing u said about certain nations having better tanks than others?yes but lets be real no game out there(that is f2p)has 0 flaws but yea i get it,its a game breaker for some people the whole mm or the fact that a tank dissapears after 5 seconds of not moving.u either roll with it or quit the game and try something else just the way it is

  2. To add to my first comment, i think this will be forcing to Gaijin to launch the Ground forces WHEN the garage mode is up… but who knows.

    • I played the WT – Ground Forces on the 1.39 dev server…. 🙂
      People are saying lets open is to open beta because they want to plat it, but the tanks are not ready yet, but soon you will see them.

  3. lol @ 5:20

    Don’t think they’re spokesperson realizes that everyone is using the hitskin mod in competitive games (i.e. clan wars). Sure some people don’t, but they are generally people that have memorized them or w/e.

    I guess that’s kind of inconvenient to admit to though (so perhaps the spokesperson is just straight up hiding the truth) when you are supposedly doing a texture overhaul on the tanks to make the game look better, in so much that alot people are using replacement textures on tanks anyways.

  4. Shutz!, they read my chatlog 3 years ago! (i hope they don’t create mines -i said-/ shhhh, maybe they are spying us!, don’t feed their ideas! -a KT said-) when i was KV

  5. War Thunder?

    Some “new” features are exactly what makes War thunder seems a better game for a lot of people… (Including me)

    Now get rid of invisible tanks, gold ammo and insane repair prices and maybe i come back to WoT.

      • repair prices aint really insane untill tier 8 tanks at t9 and t10 sure but from 1-8 u get like double the credits(even if u lose as long as u at least do a bit of dmg)of what a repair costs u for example with a t6 tank bring as an example the kv-1s if i get like 1 kill and lose i get around 30k credits 10-15k(depending on how much ammo i spent)go for both repairing the tank(if i even died)+ressuplying camo as for gold ammo u can easily buy it now with credits u dont have to pay gold for it the ONE thing u right about is about a tank going completely invisible after not moving or not getting shot for 5 seconds and i totally understand that and agree with u its annoying hopefully i am not personally bothered that much by it to quit or not play the game but yes it is still annoyed i guess the difference is most people cant tolarate that feature and quit cause of it while those who cant just play the game

          • i dont “think” anything i am just giving my opinion of the game since i have experienced it enough to say the stuff i am saying and just cause u disagree with me or hate the game u dont have to be a dick and go behind a pc calling people “idiots”


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