World Of Warcraft 9.1.5 On The PTR, Bringing LONG Asked For Changes

Easy Covenant Swapping, The Removal of Conduit Energy, And More Customization Incoming.

Michael Byrne
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Note: Activision Blizzard is still under investigation by the state of California for serious harassment charges.

There are finally changes coming to World of Warcraft that players have been asking for since...well...basically the launch of Shadowlands and you can test them out right now as patch 9.1.5 is now up on the WoW PTR. Keep in mind that some of the more requested features aren't available yet, but they're coming to the PTR soon.

Taking a peek at the patch notes reveals a long list of updates, but the number one change for many may just be a tie between the removal of the arduous process for Covenant changing (provided you've reach a high enough renown level with your current Covenant) and making conduits easily swappable since conduit energy will no longer be a thing...mercifully.

Other popular requests being added include the removal of the AoE (Area of Effect) cap. Previously, AoE abilities only hit a certain number of monsters in a group to avoid the primary PvE strategy in dungeons and other content from becoming "pull them all and nuke them". This had the negative effects though of making farming older content for certain things being harder and longer than it needed to be...and it just generally felt bad to not be damaging a target in your AoE simply because too many targets were already in the AoE.

In the patch, the AoE cap will be removed and all targets will take damage if they are in range, however the damage scales down against each target if you have too many targets. This means that yes, you'll do more DPS overall since you can actually HIT every target in an AoE, but enemy number 9 in the group may take less damage than normal from your ability.

Those of you looking for more customization for your Nightborne, Lightforged Draenei, and Void Elves will find those options added in the patch as well.

There's quite a bit more listed for each class, changes to Island Expeditions, and the addition of Legion to the Timewalking experience, so be sure to check out the full notes linked above!

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