Wargaming.net takes to the skies as its highly anticipated flight combat MMO World of Warplanes enters the next stage in the game’s development. World of Warplanes Global Alpha blasts off today in Europe, North America, and Russia, and will be recruiting a new army of test pilots to assist the development team in improving and polishing the game.

Along with the start of World of Warplanes Global Alpha, Wargaming.net is launching new websites for players in each region, intended to help the growing game community stay up to date on all World of Warplanes news and updates.

The Global Alpha phase will initially offer players more than 20 plane models and two battle arenas. The amount of content will be growing steadily, as the developers add new warplanes and maps to the roster.

“With the Global Alpha, we are entering a very challenging, important, and exciting phase for World of Warplanes, which will require support of a massive number of testers,” said World of Warplanes producer Anton Sitnikau. “Our most important task now is to gather feedback from our test pilots and prepare a well-balanced, stable version with a large amount of vehicles and battle arenas, which we’ll be able to enter the beta with.”

The websites will be available at:

(North America)
http://ru.worldofwarplanes.com (Russia)
http://eu.worldofwarplanes.com (Europe)


  1. Theres no way these things should be combined. Imagine playing as a tank. You’d always be shelled by battleships and bombarded by planes.

  2. FINALLY!!! Been waiting for this and war of battleships since playing world of tanks, this is going to be a great series breaking up the individual platforms making a great game, hopefully they will find someway to combine all three platforms into one massive game, better then the battlefield series.


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