There’s a new dev blog up for Riders of Icarus, detailing how relics and the world raid event will work. It’s a little difficult to read at times, and you may not like how things have been implemented — both of which are summed up in the sentence: “There’s been a lot of feedback about it may it be positive or negative as were there changes.” Um, sure.

In any case, the God of Ruin has sent his two weakest generals, Brancas and Merciless, to test the defenses of Midellas. When defeated, they drop relics, which the titular Riders of Icarus can use against future invasions. That all sounds like a terrible plan by the God of Ruin, giving his enemies the means to his defeat, but that’s how things are.

The World Raids will be improved over time, with boss-grade monsters being part of the mix, attacking a different region every day. As for the relics themselves, Nexon wants players to be able to obtain the fourth relic slot in-game, while being able to get the stats they want. Learn more about this system by reading the dev blog on the Riders of Icarus site.

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